Hello? HELLO? Is this thing still on?

So what seems like a long time ago in a place far far away I started a blog. I felt I needed to say a lot of things and I felt like I wanted people to read them.

And then life happened. In a different way than what I had anticipated. Things have been great, not so great. Down right awful. But - that's life. Or my life at least.

And THEN suddenly, one day very recently I decided I needed to blog again. The problem? I don't have a "thing" I need to blog about. Before it was about my medical journey with my day to day life thrown in. But, thankfully, a majority of my major medical journey is hopefully over.

Right now though I have something really big coming up soon. Like way sooner than I ever imagined. It always seemed like something that would happen in the future. The super distant future. A future I would laugh about with my friends as we enjoyed all of our awesome 20's.

Yes, that's right. The dreaded 29.1.

Some people *ahem* Miller *cough*cough* add letters onto the 29, but then I would truly forget what age I am when I got to like 29H. So after some debate I went with the number system.

It seems like just yesterday I was telling my little itty bitty baby brother that when he was graduating high school and was 18 I would be this mysterious 29.1. And he would call me OLD and we would laugh because it was SO far away and would almost never happen for at least another eleventybillion years. And he's almost 18. Graduation is in June for him. And May brings the 29.1.

Ok. I do have a point to all this besides lamenting about how fast time is flying and how nauseating it is making me.

I am not big on resolutions, but I have been wanting to make some life changes lately. With this whole big life event coming up soon I've decided to take my friend Amanda's brilliant idea to break things down month by month and set some goals for myself. So each month I will posting new set of FIVE personal goals and at the end of each month of will write about how it's gone. I may even give some updates during, because I DO want to start blogging more. For real this time.

Here goes *big DEEP sigh*
January 5th-February 5th
1. Eat out ONE time per week (drinks with the girls do not count as long as I don't order food)
2. Do one house related project per week (paint frames, fixing bathroom caulk, painting trim, cleaning out a room, etc)
3. Drink 64 oz of water every single day.
4. Keep a food journal for 5 days a week every week.
5. Scan 5 photos (as a minimum) 5 days a week every week.

Ok, there it is. Notice I am doing a lot of things in 5's. I like the number 5. I like numbers. It's how I function - to count things out, to find a way to incorporate things via numbers.

And yes, yesterday I DID drink 64oz of water and kept a food journal! Yay!!

Wish me luck!

*hugs and love*


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