A Quick Review

So TWO Sundays ago (September 13th) is where we will begin.

Josh had a bike race

Our college friends Nina and Greg came (and brought their dog Casey!)
They watched the race, got accosted by the local HOCKEY (???) mascot, and then we all had lunch.

Immediately after our late lunch we headed off to the beach for a week. All I have to say is eh.

A few highlights though.

Josh looks like he may have almost master skim boarding.
*I* actually played in the water!! Whoa. This was like the ocean kiddie pool. There was a wide sandbar that the waves broke on and then the ocean just filled the area between the sand bar and the beach with little baby waves.
Josh got his freshly uncasked (at 4:30pm) punkin ale (at 4:30pm) straight from the source! We were the only people on the outside deck at Dogfish Head.
Ummm... I just liked this picture and wanted another photo of me.

And finally... on Friday September 18 our friend's Jason and Kandice got ENGAGED!
Here is a photo I took of the beautiful ring that I took for the bride-to-be.

*hugs and kisses*


I was on a mental health vacation...

and a real one too. Unfortunately it didn't really work out in either capacity. *sigh* Josh and I are contemplating another shorter vacation to make up for it. Camping maybe?

So that is why I haven't posted in like... 10 days. My number of September posts ranks right up there with my July posts. Both are busy months. This month though I just don't feel like sharing anything.

Maybe I'll feel like sharing something later. We'll see.

*hugs and kisses*


Today is a sad day...

Our "family" dog died today. I say "family" because she was a birthday gift for my brother, I picked her out, BUT she was always my mom's dog.

She was old and lumpy. She had a tumor on her hip. She has been getting much sicker in the past couple of weeks.

Today my mom took her to a second vet for an opinion because she wasn't getting better and they wouldn't listen.

Shiloh had a seizure and passed away today.

My mom was with her at least. :-(

today I think I need the *hugs*


Yay! One hundred... and one.

At least I was able to make a full circle on posts. I started this blog as a means of discussing my medical history, surgeries and what was coming up.

And it just so happened that my 100th post was about the medical community! Maybe not a good post about them though... but let's be honest. When in life is anything every 100% perfect? Besides me of course.

I have to confess though. For the past like FIFTEEN posts I keep thinking "hmmm, I can't wait until post 100 and I'll do something cool." Then like when I saw I only had 7 left I was like "sweet! Only 7 more!" And I did this up until like 3 posts left.

Somehow I then missed the fact that I posted 3 times. Oops. Ummm, duh. Lol. So maybe I'm not 100% perfect. Only maybe 99%.

I'll make a post about this past weekend soooooooon. I promise.

Right now I'm off to ZUMBA!! The new session starts tonight. And then I have to miss the next two days of it (we'll be at the BEACH). Oh well.

And I just wanted to say hi to C.B. and J.K. who I found out both read my blog often. I did say TMI in that one post!!

*hugs and kisses*


I win! Only slightly though.

Two weeks ago I got a bill from the place that had inserted my IUD. It was for $265.92. I figured they just didn't get my insurance money yet and by the time I went in last Monday for my check up, all would be okay.

Yeah... no. They made me pay the $265.92 before I could see the doctor. I questioned the bill and she tried to explain it to me, but something wasn't right and the office manager wasn't in.

So I tried to call last Monday afternoon when the office manager was supposed to be in. No luck. I left a message for her to call me. No call. Tuesday - No call.

Last Wednesday I decided to do a little more digging and called my insurance company. Hmmm... insurance company did not like what I had to tell them and wanted me to submit my receipts as it seemed as though the office was "double dipping."

I gave the office one last chance. No office manager again, but miraculously when I said I had called my insurance and they agreed something was wrong the lady promised I would have a phone call by Thursday afternoon.

Not 15 minutes after I had hung up with them (and this was on Wednesday) I got a return phone call that they had just made a silly little mistake. Yeah. Silly. Little. Mistake. To the tune of $265.92. If I would have not paid that amount to the doctor's office they would have surely sent me to collections. Awesome.

I don't know what really happened, and I hate to accuse them of anything since I don't really KNOW. BUT, it seems really crazy that I had to call multiple times to get anyone to listen to me and if I had not I would have been out the money. Think how many times you just accept a doctor's bill without questioning the amount and end up just giving them extra money.

Not cool at all.

But this time, and maybe only this time, but this time *I* win. Yay!

*hugs and kisses*


A Chilly Start to September

The temperatures took a nose dive at the start of the week. Last week I was in shorts and tank tops "glistening" - bwahahah, who am I kidding?? I SWEAT! This week I'm in jeans and light sweaters shivering.

My favorite part of slightly cooler weather though is Josh letting us keep the windows open! Oh how I love the smell of fresh air circulating through the house. It's so crisp and refreshing. That is where my love of cooler weather used to end.

Because then morning hits. I can NOT get out of bed when we have the windows open. It's so cool in the bedroom and so warm and snuggly in our bed. Only when the need to pee outweighs the snuggle factor can I force myself out of bed.

This morning was no different. I layed there for at least 30 minutes just enjoying the snuggly warmth of the bed and the cool breeze on my face. When I got downstairs I heard the kids at the daycare down the road yelling and laughing. It put a huge smile on my face.

Something is not right though. Warm summer mornings and HOT summer days used to put the smile on my face. I used to GREATLY anticipate the hottest weather of the year. For some reason this summer did nothing to lift my spirits. Nothing.

And yet today, when it's slightly chilly, I feel good. Really good. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?? My theory is when I went in for one of the two surgeries Josh paid off the surgeon to do something to alter my love of hot weather to a love of cooler weather. Other than that I am just a freak of nature.

BUT, I do anticipate one thing around this time every year...

HALLOWEEN, PUMPKINS and indulging my obsession with ORANGE!!
Halloween Decorations in Living Room 2008
My PumpkinJosh's Pumpkin

*hugs and kisses*


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