Happy Thanksgiving!

From our house to yours.

We have lots to be thankful for this year.

I am especially thankful for the friends and family who have supported us both in real life and through this blog, email, facebook and good old snail mail.

*hugs and kisses*


Weird medical news

I should be used to it right? Bleh.

This is the SUPER condensed version.

Last Wed, first appointment at new chiro.

He takes some x-rays, then comes in all concerned about the DETAILS of my fundoplication surgery. I tell him, he shows me my x-rays and there is something... abnormal on them.

I already had an appointment with SK on Monday (today) to discuss my flying anxiety so I decided to wait.

Pick up the x-rays at chiro office and head to SK.

She thinks things don't look right either.

Oh and I am SO thankful for the iphone in light of my 45 minute wait to see SK. That story involves an older patient who was having an allergic reaction, but waited all weekend just to go to the doctor office where she proceeded to go into cardiac arrest. AWESOME.

She sends me for MORE x-rays.

Do those.

Results - large hiatal hernia.

Um? BEFORE surgery I had a VERY SMALL almost non-existent hernia. Now it's the size of my fist when it the VERY SMALL hernia was fixed in Feb.

BUT, the radiologist would like to take a look at the original films that I picked up at the chiro's office early this morning. Chiro is old school films, radiologist is all on the computer.

So now tomorrow I have to get up early AGAIN and meet with the radiologist for him to look at the original films.

I have not gotten to sleep in since... last Monday?? OMG, I HATE mornings and this lack of sleeping in is ruining my LIFE.

Not quite, but almost.

Here is the image in question. It's the big perfectly ROUND thing in the middle of my chest.

My theories were:
1. Alien baby (I started watching V) - if this was the case I would make millions which would be awesome. SK even wants to be in a photo if this turns out to be the case. Lol.
2. Worm colony - there was this House episode where this porn star had worms. I ate a worm when I was little. I figured it just had dormant babies.
3. Third boob - since I had the reduction my breasts were angry and were creating a third interior boob to make up for lost tissue.

It looks like it's none of those, but the final diagnosis isn't confirmed yet!

Oh, and I got some Ativan for my flying anxiety.

*hugs and kisses*


My early Christmas present...

is coming tomorrow. My mom is bringing it down. She is visiting as well.

I love when my mom visits.

It's even better when she brings presents like this.

It's the white 16gb 3gs iphone. Refurbed.

Happy one week until Thanksgiving!!

*hugs and kisses*


Christmas Wishlist part II

So some other things I want for Christmas.

We are in DESPERATE need of some new kitchen utensils. We have a super duper cheap set from YEARS ago. I have a canister I like, so just the utensils would be nice. Like these.
Two or three spatula flipper things, a ladle, a slotted spoon, etc etc. There are also some cool Rachel Ray ones at Bed Bath and Beyond (which is where the picture is from) that are blue, but no one can tell Josh if that is what Santa brings me. He hates Rachel Ray. Lol.
I also can always use more spatulas. I like ones like this
See how it is all one piece? I like that because food goo doesn't get stuck in it.

Just to round out the BB&B wants there is this for the master bathroom Sigh. It would look SO good.

And that concludes today's wishlist. More to come?? Maybe

*hugs and kisses*


My Christmas Wishlist (Part 1)

I enjoy shopping for other people, but I have a hard time coming up with a list on demand for myself. Here are some things I would like for anyone shopping for me.

So obviously all those panties in my LAST post. They are all from american eagle and I am a size medium if anyone is interested. :-P

I love christmas socks as well. Snowmen and snowflakes are my FAVORITE because I can pull them off from November all the way through March. I am not a huge santa and his reindeer fan.
These are not too Christmasy
but I LOVE these socks from AE

Christmas/winter decorations are FUN. Here is an example from Target.
and the rest of the "Be Merry" collection.
I love bright colors and the like. DUH, my favorite color is orange.

Hmm... my favorite winter candle is

If all goes well and I end up with an iphone as well I want
which can be found here (or something similar - orange and silicon are the only requirements).
Maybe an itunes gift card to get some apps that aren't free.

What else... hmmm... books. I like books. Either the real deal or gift cards are appropriate.

Gift cards anywhere are nice. Mainly I shop at AE for clothes, target for other stuff, home depot and lowes for house stuff, and well yeah... that's about it.

Oh, and I hate to be a total crazy person but I HATE purple just as an FYI. Orange, green, yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, orange, brown, grey, white, black, orange, etc etc etc... but NO PURPLE.

There are tons of odds and ends things I want, but I'll try to keep a list going and make a part two before Thanksgiving.

Oh gosh, I so do love Christmas.

*hugs and kisses*


Christmas is coming!

In only 45 days. Yikes! Although I try to hold off my Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving, I DID get out all my Christmas shirts, comfy pants, socks and... panties. Some of these are just winter items with snowflakes, snowmen (and snowwomen) and the like.

Regardless I counted as I washed them. When I got to 11 pairs of socks and 12 pairs of panties... I gave up.

Ummm... yeah. I am already scoping out these
Click for larger product viewfor this year. Lol. Click for larger product view Oh and these. And maybe these. Click for larger product viewOh and I love these trees!! Click for larger product view There may be more.

Oh I have issues. Lots and lots of issues. This issue is just one little one. Maybe all those years of old lady bras to fit the girls relegated me to overindulging the cuteness that graced my behind.

FYI we leave for CO in 30 days. OMG. I have to pack my snowflake panties!!

*hugs and kisses*


I have a rant/vent

And I am sure it is going to sound ridiculous, but here goes.

Last night I watched a TV show I'd never seen before. It was the latest episode of Two and a Half Men that my friend had DVR'd. For those interested it was Season 7 Episode 6 "Give me your thumbs"

Friend was like "it's about breast reduction wanna watch?" And I'm like "oooohh, yeah" because 1. I had one of those 2. I'm obsessed with boobs anyway 3. Plastic surgery (of all kinds) fascinates me and I was wondering how a character on a show would pull off a transformation if they didn't do it in real life 4. I'm obsessed with boobs anyway.

I realize 2 and 4 are the same. I'm just stating facts here.

We kind of picked up mid show and Charlie Sheen's character's girlfriend (get that?) wants a breast reduction because SHE is in pain. His character tries to talk her out of it basically saying they are his too (something about if you fingerprinted her boobs it would be his hands all over them). There is also a little dialog with the plastic surgeon where the character says he is a huge fan of the surgeons work - when be makes women's boobs unbelievably large. Ha?

Okay, I realize the show is a comedy, but I wasn't laughing.

Even though she pleads she is in pain and uncomfortable she ends up NOT GETTING THE SURGERY. Why? The day of as they are waiting he mentions that now her ass will look huge because her boobs will be smaller and she freaks out and cancels the surgery.


Awesome message. Big breasts are awesome and the only way to go. Reductions (even if for medical reasons) are gross, and bad and wrong.

Guess what? People in REAL life think that too and aren't afraid to express it.

Case in point. Neighbor has implants (good for her!). She had them done the same week as I had my reduction. When we were all talking people congratulated her... and asked me why I would ever do it.

Really? So implants are a perfectly normal totally awesome thing to do but another PLASTIC SURGERY meant to MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF is wrong.

Or let me rant about the MTV True Life show about my boobs are too big (or some title like that) too. ALL of the people on it didn't get the reduction because they weren't comfortable. Or there was a british show on about the same issue and again no one got the surgery.

Now I realize it isn't for everyone. Not everyone needs surgery, but some people really are at a point of frustration and are tired of living the way they do. No one should have to live in constant pain and if there is a fix for that why would you deny them?

And my favorite line from someone when discussing my surgery "Maybe you could just go to the gym and build your back muscles and maybe lose a little weight in them. You'd be more comfortable and get more out of it than the instant gratification of surgery." OMG how did she know? My insurance is covering it because apparently I'm a lazy fatass who just needs to lose a few pounds. Or MAYBE now that my breasts are smaller it is EASIER for me to work out at the gym without the skin irritation under my boobs, the stretch marks and the back pain. Who knew?

Okay, I'm heated and frustrated and unhappy about all this. I don't want a party because I chose something to make my life better, but what I would like is a little understanding for people that have not walked in my shoes.

And to my pre, post and still considering reduction girls - there is a LOT of support out there and I'm working on a post listing some blogs, testimonials, etc.

*hugs (without my boobs squishing up against anyone's body and smothering them anymore) and kisses*


Rest of Halloween 2009

After the super busy whirlwind morning of travel, Josh and I got home with just enough time for him to shower away his nastiness and me to take a cat nap. 20 minutes of wonderfully restful sleep. Yay!

Then it was time to get my costume on and head over to our friends house to trick or treat. I had gotten a dress and some goodies to go as a flapper but I ditched that idea and went with my costume from two years ago... a ballerina! Last year I went as a cat toy (complete with bells and feather boa - and since I am always the photographer... no pictures of me) while my friend went as a cat. It was cute. I am always cute.

But two years ago we went as "fairies" which were ballerina costumes and... well nothing. But our littlest member was tinkerbell and we went with her.
I am protecting the innocent and possibly embarassed. I am on the right. Lol. I LOVE this costume. We (the adult friend and I) picked these up at a dance outlet store. They sell imperfect costumes and ones people never paid for. I think I paid $10 or $15 for mine. I kind of sort of want to go back and get another one...

Back to this year though.

It was raining. And cold. I decided to put on my ballerina costume, but add an off the shoulderish sweatshirt and leg warmers. Some over applied pink blush, blue eyeliner/eye shadow and a bun on top and voila!

I took up the whole car seat!
But I did NOT take up the whole top of the costume. Although I have no pictures to show the top of the costume was now ROOMY instead of all squished uni-boob like before. LOVE the smaller boobs!!

Here is our little flapper...
She loved handing out candy!
And here is the lovely lady and I. This is the internet. I don't care if you see my face... hers I do.
A fun fact about those toe shoes around my neck... they doubled as a beer/cell phone/camera holder. Seriously. BEST accessory! Again no pictures. *sigh* Talk to Josh.

After trick or treating we took our friends Mikey and Amie (who had come to visit and brought their friend) back to our place to show them the "new" digs eat some dinner.

I made some pizzas and some mutual friends stopped by with their new BABY! Cash was SUPER cute.

Then it was time to head to a halloween party. Apparently only a few people got the memo and dressed up. I was one. Amie decided not to.
Here we are striking a pose.
And here is Kandice and I.
She was a "gold digger." Get it? The gold shovel??
Jason went as... Jason. Lame.

Mikey was eating while we were shot skiing. It was Amie's first time ever. Thumbs up!!
Kandice and I before we left.

So after we left there was a plan to go to gravity hill (the info for the closest one is at the bottom of this link). Then maybe Gettysburg to do some ghost hunting.

No one wanted to do any of the above except Mikey and I (which was just like college. The difference was in college we were still pretty self centered and would just hop in the car and go anyway. Now that we are adults we are more responsible, blah blah blah).

Instead we drove down the main college street and people watched all the slutty girls and drunk people and headed back home to watch a movie.

Sunday we played with Mikey and Amie's dogs Sam and Cooley.
Sam is the little one (yorkie?) and Cooley is the ewoky one (shitzu?).

They had to leave so we went out to Round the Clock Diner for brunch where the waitress was totally Mikey's match. LOVED it. Lol. He didn't even have a comeback to her!!

We saw them off, entertained Josh's family for a couple hours (they stopped by to see the painting progress, tile floor and finished 1/2 bath) and then headed to our friend's house for leftovers.

After dinner they showed us the chicken hat costume they got for their cat Sidney.
Here are the boys putting it on him.
"Seriously get this thing off me and quit taking pictures or I'll jump you and slash the camera."
"Come on. Please? This is embarrassing?"

Yes I added my own commentary. He was a good sport though!

And thus ends my Halloween extravaganza.

It made me tired just typing it all.

*hugs and kisses*


Oh November...

I don't love you as much as October. October brings my family's birthdays (Pap AND Mom), in college it brought fall break (time to visit with said family), it brought falling leaves and most importantly it brought HALLOWEEN. Orange and black and ghosts and orange and pumpkins and orange and candy. I get to dress up, make a fool out of myself and wear crazy underwear that glows in the dark.

This year October was busier than usual, but just as great. It ended with a surprise whirlwind of activities.

Originally I wasn't sure if anything was going to happen. Things kind of kept falling through, but the week before the nothing happened everything happened. We made trick or treating plans with our little friend Fia. There was a Halloween party invitation. THEN last minute my Mikey called and asked if him and Amie (and a friend) could come up and spend Halloween with us.

[I will blog about all THIS in my very next post.]

That was fine, BUT we already had plans to drive to Newark, DE for Josh and Jason to go mountain biking at White Clay while I visited a very good friend in the hospital.

I've never met this friend before though. Strange as that sounds. We met on a chat board and bonded. She is such a strong positive girl. Unfortunately life has been handing her lemon after lemon. Michelle's blog is here. Check it out when you get a minute and give her some much needed encouragement.

We spent about two hours together talking about our mutual chat board and about life in general. She's transferring to Georgetown soon so she'll actually be further away, BUT I have friends down that way so I may be able to make a two for one stop soon. It would totally be worth it to see her again.

Now, I have to tell you a funny story about how I first "met" Michelle at the hospital. I got to the hospital and tried to get in. Door one - nope. Although it said "Temporary Main Entrance" it was locked. Uh huh. ER doors? Nope, the ER is temporary and you can't access the main hospital from there. Finally ALL the way on the OTHER side of the building is the "Main Entrance." Ugh.

Walk in the lobby and there are signs EVERYWHERE "Please check in at the visitors desk to obtain a visitors pass." I walk up to visitors desk and the lady asks "May I help you?"
"Yes, I am visiting a friend."
"She is on the 6th floor?"
"Do you need her room number?"
"No... I was getting a visitors pass."
"Oh, you don't need one! Just go on up."

Okay then. WHY are there all those signs??

So up the elevators I go. The 6th floor has a bunch of offices when you step off the elevator. Not what I was expecting. Now I was on the hunt to find the patient rooms. Five turns (and one back track) later and I made it. I find her room and she isn't there! Lol. Her FI was, but he was sleeping. I felt bad but I had driven all the way there...

I had to wake him up. Poor guy. He told me Michelle was at PT and he had no idea when she would be back. Okay then. Off to the gift shop I go. I am walking down the hall out of her room and I see a young woman in a wheelchair. Then I notice a little bit of pink and orange bra sticking out. It's Michelle! I bought her that bra!! Lololol.

Yes I noticed her because of her bra. Only I would find a friend due to what undergarments are encasing her breasts.

I was super happy to visit my friend and super sad to leave her. The stay seemed WAY too short so I am hoping to make it to visit her again very soon.

After leaving her I went to pick up the boys.

Here is what I came back to

Ew and ugh. At least the foliage was pretty...

The ride home not so pretty. This is what I rode next too. It smells worse than it looks.
And that was the end of the first half of my Halloween day.


*hugs and kisses*


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