Carry over to Monday...

I'm still basking in our fabulous Sunday. More pictures. Yes I know it looks like Josh is peeing sunset into the water pump. Lol. That was intentional.
The last post water pump photo was Josh's. This is my take on it. I like mine better.
Kinda looks like a mini/short stonehenge. Not really.
I am laying with my head north. See?

Awww... good picture of me husband!
A quote which I don't remember. Lol.
Mason Dixon Trail.
Pretty sunset.
I caught the moon peeking over this flower.
The clouds were phenomenally pretty.
Some pictures of the husband in different lighting and settings.

Sunset, us in sunset (what odd faces on both of us) and then the final picture.

After this we went to Mack's Ice Cream outside of Hellam. I got fresh CANTALOUPE ice cream (and oreo). Josh got fresh PEACH ice cream. I can't even describe how amazingly delicious these were. I think I may need to go back for a pint of that cantaloupe. It's my favorite fruit!

Just remember to bring cash if you hit up Mack's!

*hugs and kisses*


A Swell Sunday

Originally today we were supposed to hit up Virgin Mobile Freefest today in Columbia, MD. I managed to score some tickets thanks to a friend I chat with on the internet. :0)

And even with the awesome line up (Girl Talk, Weezer, Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday and more...) we decided to bag it. Why? Although the idea of a concert is fantastic, the actual concert makes me cringe. I am NOT a crowd person. As much as I love people and LOVE being in FRONT of a crowd, being IN a crowd make me want to ball up and cry.

Oh wait. I've done that. The last time was in high school (it was fourth of July, I lost my friends, I sat on a curb in the middle of a crowd and cried until someone found me). I was 18. *sigh*

Since then I have managed to not actually do the whole sitting down and crying thing, but I still start to hyperventilate a little sometimes. I do slightly better at concerts if there are seats. This concert was not to have seats. And there would be LOTS of people at this sold out event.

The closer it got, the more nervous I got. Josh is the best husband in the world, knew I was getting apprehensive and this morning we decided to just stay home. We did manage to find some friends interested in the show who took the tickets from us today (hope it was good!).

THEN I made Josh a happy little camper. He's been missing his favorite Skull Candy ear buds (that I bought on clearance because they were blue and Josh was all like "WHY did you buy those for me?" and I was all like "because they were on SALE and they were BLUE." And he was like "You'd probably buy crap - literally - if it was on sale." And I was all like "Only if it was blue." And he rolled his eyes. And then I said "Fine, I'll return them." But then I didn't and then he fell in love with them and he completely ignored the fact he didn't want them in the first place. So I win.) since FOREVER and he was soooo upset.

Guess who found them today? Oh yes. I am the freaking most awesomest person ever.

As my reward he agreed to grab some dinner and go to a park. We grabbed subs at Jim and Nena's. I had suggested Same Lewis. Josh wanted something new. So instead we headed to Highpoint Scenic Vista (the Mason Dixon Trail goes RIGHT through here).

This whole post started as a reason to post some pictures. That was a lot of words just for some pictures. Lol.

There are more pictures. And more story (involving ice cream!). But it's late and I'm tired.

*hugs and kisses*


NOT what I expected (another TMI one - no pictures though)

Birth control = lack of babies = yay!

Hormonal birth control = lack of babies = yay!

NON hormonal birth control = lack of babies AND lack of additional hormones in my body = yay yay!

OR so I thought.

The IUD was inserted on July 30th. This past Saturday my period began. I wasn't expecting it yet. I didn't discover it (I'm leaving that to your imagination, but sorry husband).

Not much bleeding on Sunday so I assumed success on my continued short, sweet, harmless periods.


I have NEVER had a period this long, this painful, this... plentiful. PLEASE POWERS THAT BE, MAKE.IT.STOP.

It's Thursday currently. I am in pain. I can't seem to stop bleeding, and bleeding a lot. It's also normally a darker maroon color ( I told you this one was TMI ) and right now it's bright freaking red.

I've asked some people on a message board and apparently this is quite normal for the first 3-4 months of periods on the paragard. Some suggested the Mirena (which has hormones and keeps you from getting your period while you have it in for most people), but that defeats my purpose of trying to no longer use hormones.

So only 3 ish more weeks of this (not all together, but spread out over the course of the next few month) and hopefully things will get back on track.

Remind me of this when and if this period ends, I don't die, and another period from hell begins.

All this to NOT have to go through with having a child. Maybe it is worth it.

*hugs and kisses*


Gender Biased While Dining Out

I suppose Josh and I are not a typical couple when it comes to dining out - or eating in general. Is it fried, full of calories with no real nutritional value? Please sit it down in front of me. Is it water, salad or "good/better for you"? Please pass that over to my husband.

This is how a typical dining out evening will go for us- we sit down at our dining establishment of choice (usually some mid-priced chain place - what? we're cheap!). I order a coke - Josh asks for a water. Waiter scurries off, returns and puts the water in front of me and the coke in front of Josh. *sigh* I've tried saying something, quickly switching them so the waiter sees, or even making a joke about it. Nope. Does not compute. They will even refill the drinks and HAND THEM BACK TO THE WRONG PERSON. I do NOT drink DIET. EVER.

And then for the ultimate fun is when the ordering begins. I usually request some sort of fried food. Usually just an appetizer or something. Josh will order a salad about 75% of the time. Once again they will put the salad in front of me (ummm - I don't eat salad. It does not digest. At all. Salad makes my post dinner time WAY too TMI.) and pass the unhealthy appetizer/dinner over to Josh.

To finish off this fun of misunderstanding - a lot of evenings I have my purse, but Josh will leave his wallet in the car. It's a joint bank account. Yet, not only do they give him the bill, but when they bring it back to sign they hand it to him. The card has MY name on it. Melissa. Which is not even a partial boys name. *le sigh*

People, people, people. There are some men that are conscientious of their figures (take Josh as a healthy example of working out, eating right, etc) and some ladies that just love to eat what they want (*waves*).

For any servers out there - please consider that the woman is the soda drinking, fried food eating person who pays for dinner. And for any other's like us - any advice? At all??

And here is a picture of me biting Josh's face just because it's a funny picture. I feel as though I need to place a photo in every post to make this blog more interesting. Hopefully they all won't be me "abusing" my husband.

*hugs and kisses*

Weekends Are Not For Relaxing!

Well at least ours aren't! Here is a quick recap in pictures.
Friday night we went bowling with some friends!
The little pink, green and yellow skirt belonged to our soon to be 5 year old friend Fia who was trying out bowling for first time. She had a blast. Well until she got to frame four and then she just wanted to spin on the chair. I may have shown her that. Lol.

Saturday found us up early and traveling to reading. Josh's parents are moving soon and need some packing help. I only took my point and shoot camera, and I remember why I still love it. It may not take the crispest pictures, but it still takes good pictures. Maybe it's the photographer though. :-P
Josh's "stuff." That was all that was left of his stuff in the house.
The weather looked bad, but the rain held out while they loaded the truck.
The window of Josh's childhood room.

So Josh's Uncle came to help out. He brought his work van (he works for himself doing home improvements for people). The ground was WET and guess what? He got stuck.
They tried putting boards under the tires and rocking it, but it just dug further in the mud. So Josh was like "suby has a tow hook." So they attached a rope thingy to the front of the van, and the back of the subaru. And guess what?
Success!! Our little "car" towed the big van out of the mud.
This was the rut it left.

After leaving Josh and I headed home to shower and head over to Jason and Kandice's to meet our "niece" Olivia. OMG. SO freakin cute.
Me and Olivia. Me, Olivia and Olivia's Mommy Kandice.
Awww... Olivia and Josh.
Hanging out on the Penn State rug.
All the ladies at the party.
Everyone at Olivia's First Party. Except me. Someone had to take the picture!!
The new family. So sweet.
Olivia was such a good sport, but all tuckered out here!

And that's our weekend in review. Have a great Monday everyone!

*hugs and kisses*


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