Swine Flu

I got sick the same day the whole swine flu thing went BIG on the news (Tuesday).  I'm still sick, but guess what?  Not the swine flu.  Sorry to burst anyone's bubble.  It's just a sinus infection.

On the plus side it's kept me resting.  On the downside, my BRAIN isn't working and I'm exhausted.  I'll do the updates when my brain works.  Currently my brain is filled with green mucus and is slowed down by the OTC meds I'm constantly popping.


*hugs and kisses*


Second follow up and sunburns

This morning I had my second follow up for my boobs.  I am healing amazingly well and fast.  He removed one stitch tail and said if I have anything else pop through to call him.  I don't have another follow up for like 3 more weeks.  I can start sleeping with no bra on, I can start putting cocoa butter on them.  YEAH!!  Things are going smashingly.

So while I'm in the exam room waiting I figure out WHY I was waiting so long to be seen.  Apparently there was a VERY unhappy patient.  I could hear the WHOLE conversation since it was all raised voices.  Her voice because she was upset and Dr. Born's because he was trying to talk over her.  

The story - she had a breast reduction performed by Dr. Born about 6 months ago.  She had gone to another plastic surgeon, but wanted a second opinion so went to Dr. Born.  She says he told her he could make her a B from her D size.  She also says he PROMISED they would always stay this size.  Ummmm... no.  He went over with me (several times in fact) that my breast size and shape will change with the addition (or subtraction) of body weight.  He was actually very concerned for me because of my impending weight loss (this was before my first surgery when I met with him and told him I could lose 10-15 lbs from my fundoplication).

It was only after our second meeting after I'd lost TWENTY lbs, but no boob weight he agreed to fully perform the surgery.  So either this girl is a liar, or something got misunderstood.  I'm going with liar and here is why.

He asked her what made her so unhappy.  She says she wanted to be a B from a D, but she still wears a D... "in certain bras" and she hates that.  He asked her about band size and she was like "I don't look at the f*ing band size, but if I can fit into a D cup, they are too big."  Ladies should understand my frustration, some guys maybe even know, but for those that are confused.

A 34D is about the same cup size as a 36C and a 38B.  Not exactly, but rather close.  So if stupid lady was a 38D before and he reduced her, but she picks up a 34D (even though the band would be super tight), her boobs might just fit into that cup.  See the flawed logic??

Oh, and the best part.  In those 6 months - she admits she put on OVER TWENTY POUNDS.  Ummmm... yeah.   She threatened to sue, to ruin his practice.  *sigh*  He is an EXCELLENT plastic surgeon.  It is stupid people like her that ruin things for everyone else.  Boo.

On the plus side, I also did not get in trouble for my REALLY BAD sunburn I got over the weekend.  No lectures please.  Yes, it hurts, yes, it was dumb, and yes, I'll do it again.  So there.  

I'll do two more posts to talk about the AWESOME bike race this weekend, but for now I'm signing off.

*hugs and kisses*


Day THIRTEEN post op

So I've spent the past few days relaxing and airing out the boobs. (This follows up to the seepage issue in the day ELEVEN post.)  I'm definitely feeling as though week two was slightly harder than week one.  Maybe because I over did it in week one, but I'll never know.

I am having a lot more pain (nothing TERRIBLE though), more like that sore boob pain from period/working out etc.  They still look good and feel good 95% of the time though.  My biggest issue right now is SLEEP.

What I wouldn't give to get a full night's sleep.  I'm still taking the Tylenol every 4 hours (I see the Dr. on Monday for another follow up) and if I don't... I feel it.  I also am a TUMMY SLEEPER.  Guess what?  No tummy sleeping post this surgery.  BUT my body kind of rolls that way in my sleep, which wakes me up, then I have to readjust, *sigh*.  It will get better.

In terms of boobage though, things are looking excellent.  

If you look HERE you will see some day THREE post op pictures with a bra on.  

A few differences.  I look skinnier.  I'm not really.  I think the day three pictures still showed me with a slightly protruding belly due to stance and also due to being pumped full of fluids at the hospital.

Also, my boobs look HUGE from the straight on picture.  Two things.  ONE Josh took the first pictures further away.  I took these ones by myself.  TWO taking them by myself means I am at kind of a looking up angle with the camera.

There is also the slight shift in my boobs.  They have dropped a little, rounded out some, and taken on a much more natural shape.  

Either all this or they've grown (because that is what they do).  Lol.

Other than that I love the way they look right now.  Go boobs.

The DOWNSIDE to all this is a wedding in two weekends.  I have this AWESOME Gap dress I bought that I LOVE.  It's huge.  Like falling down way too big in the chest.  I am considering (for the first time EVER) stuffing my bra so it stays up.  No lie.  *sniffles*  I really really love this dress.

Okay, enough about me.  I have three announcements today.

1.  A friend named Whitney is getting a breast reduction on May 5th!! (Yes, this did say May 12th before, but see comment below. :-P )  Apparently, my endless posts about this have given her the fortitude to pursue this idea that she's had for a while.  I'm so happy for her and can't wait to hear all about the results that she will love.

Some information about her surgery that she is letting my share on here:
She is getting this done due to size and "serious tear issues."
Her husband went with her to this consultation and is very happy for her and supportive.
Her surgeon is thinking 1000cc of volume per breast for removal. (she has BIG boobs)
She will most likely be going to a C/D size.
Her surgeon is doing a keyhole incision and will NOT be doing a free nipple graft (the nipple will remain attached).
It will be all outpatient and NO DRAINS (lucky girl!!).

I will keep you updated as she gives me more information and I help support her through this new experience!!

Announcement #2
My friend Rachel is able to drink some alcohol for a little while.  This is the first time in TWO YEARS!!  She is being weaned off some heart meds so they can do some heart studies on her arrhythmia's.  Because of the lack of heart meds she can drink, but only until they start her on new ones.  So to all my readers - let's send some good thoughts Rachel's way while she deals with the ups and downs of this congenital heart defect.

Number 3
Another friend named Rebekah is having open heart surgery next Tuesday.  We all wish her the best of luck and a great recovery.  Our thoughts are with you!!  Our care package is coming!! :-P

So that's all for today.  I'm heading a little mini fundraiser on my financial chat group in honor of some parents that recently passed.  We are donating to the American Stroke Association and to Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.  I may not be working, but I'm keeping busy.  

This weekend will be busy as Josh and his teammates are competing in the Tour de Ephrata (this opens a pdf just so you know) on Saturday and Sunday.  The team he belongs to is Team Cycle Works that heads road, mountain, etc bicycle races.  Check out the site and if you are local, stop by the shop!!

Keep your thoughts good and do nice things for others.  Karma is a wonderful thing.
*hugs and kisses*


Day ELEVEN post op

Where does the time go?  Seriously.  Where?  Because I am desperately finding the hours and minutes slipping by and I'm not sure how I'm even going to get all I need accomplished.

Remember when you were little (or maybe it was just me... I doubt it) and time would go by SO SLOW.  You'd be like "I can't wait until I'm [fill in the blank age here] so I can [fill in something that seemed so COOL right here]."  Bet you don't say THAT anymore.  Okay, unless some of my readers are like 9 years old and then I'm sure you still can't wait until that next big birthday.  MY next big birthday will be the 30 one... and that's only 3 years from this May.  *sigh*  Nothing cool happens after the 21 one.  NOTHING.  Argue if you like, but that's how I feel.  Hrmph.

Back to the post title.  Today is day 11 after my surgery. So far so good!  My last update was day 6 (oops) and I've been pretty busy.  So let's play recap and go over what I've been doing and how it's affected my recovery.

Thursday our house guest came early, so we went to Cobblestone's with some friends for Yuengs and wings.  All good.

Friday was GORGEOUS out.  I went for about a 40 minute walk.  Then hung out with some neighbor peeps.  Got a little gossip, got a little information and met my neighborhood friend's new boyfriend.  

During this walk I was in HEAVEN!!  I had ZERO pain.  I could walk with my back straight.  Heck, my bra's shoulder straps weren't even DOING anything to hold my new boobs up.  It was magical and oh so gratifying.  I could have walked another 40 mins... well except for the strange reconnecting nipple nerve pain that was going on.  Lol.  But all my previous issues were GONE.  

I practically floated around on my walk.  Well maybe not, but it certainly felt like it.

Later that evening we went to an outdoor bar with friends.  It was nice at first, but when the sun went down.  HOLY coldness!! I was sitting there shivering in the following - tank top, 3/4 sleeve shirt, zip up hoodie, jeans and closed toed shoes.

So we are all sitting there, in the outdoor bar, BY THE WATER (creek, whatever) and in walks these three girls.  LMAO, OMG, LOL, ROTFL.  Okay, now all three girls are very attractive, very nice bodies.  But while I sit at our table shivering they are wearing itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, DRESSES.  My favorite though was the girl in this tight strapless number that hit mid thigh - and ZIPPED up the front.  Granted it was fully zipped but... ummm... yeah.

We left shortly after their arrival, came back to our house and watched Yes Man with Jim Carey.  It was a cute movie.

Saturday was gorgeous again and as soon as Josh got home from his Round the River 70some mile ride with the boys, we headed to Sam Lewis Park.  Before getting there we grabbed subs.  Yummmm.  I love subs on a nice day in a park.  Seriously.  

After eating I went on ANOTHER long walk with Josh.  Well it was supposed to be long.  I petered out.  Holy boob pain!  Now I am still taking my Tyenol every 4 hours like a good girl, but there was still a lot of like zapping pain.  Not enough to make me sit down and cry, but enough to make me flinch so much Josh made us cut the walk short.  

Okay, so lesson learned is, just because you aren't in "serious" pain, does not mean you can stop taking it easy.  Apparently my body is still healing or something. :-P  Who knew??

That night we went to hot tub friend's house.  Most people got into the hot tub.  I can not.  We left around 11.  I was starting to get worn out.

Sunday we slept in.  Then putzed around until we headed out for some errands.  All was well until Josh slammed on the brakes for a light.  OMG ouchies.  I didn't tuck the seat belt behind me and not only did it hit me, but it "locked" and I couldn't get it off and I was all teary eyed.  Poor Josh felt awful.  No damage was done, it just hurt really bad for most of the rest of the day.

Dinner was at a friend's and we had snow crab legs *drools*.  They were so yummy!!  Mmmmmmm....  They have a four year old daughter who, I think it would be safe to say, loves Josh and I a lot.  I hadn't seen her recently (surgery, etc) so she was super lovey.  She kept trying to lay on me during a movie and we kept having to remind her to lay on my tummy only.  It was a little painful, but totally worth it to snuggle her!!

So YESTERDAY was Monday.  I noticed Sunday night that I had a little seepage going on under my right boob.  Yesterday I took about 3 hours and just laid around topless (which my plastic surgeon recommended I should do daily - oops).  I also spent 20 minutes topless after I showered (to let everything dry out).  We picked up dinner at Roburrito's (yum) and brought it back.  Our house guest, one of our neighbors and another friend came over.  We watched some cycling and went to bed.

Today the seepage looks MUCH better.  I'm still being super careful and not doing much today.  I've done way too much too quickly and I really need to remember that although there isn't much pain, I STILL had surgery and that my body needs some healing time.  

It's currently sunny, but supposed to rain later.  Boo.

*hugs and kisses*


Did I make it easier?

Just time for a super quick post.  

I started labeling my posts.  If you look on the right side there is now a list.  If you click on one of those words it will pull up all the posts relating to that.

I'm not finished yet (it's a little time consuming), but I'll hopefully make this blog easier to navigate eventually.

Also, I've permanently posted an email address along the side.

Hope this helps!

*hugs and kisses*


Day SIX post op. Concert review, etc.

So last night was the big event.  I went to a concert!!  

Josh didn't want to get the tickets because he was SURE I wouldn't be able to go.  Silly Josh, I'm always right.  Lol.

So we went to dinner first at Parma which is a "pizza" place near the college.  I use that term loosely because they have fantastic sandwiches, subs, salads and yes tons of specialty pizza's.  When I went to York this location was an ever revolving door of pizza joints, but Parma has done a fantastic job of keeping things moving and just recently opened a second location!

I got my favorite little item which is the pepperoni stick.  It is exactly how it sounds and oh so yummy.  Josh got a buffalo chicken salad that was HUGE!  It had green olives, sweet peppers, pickles, lettuce, tomato and a TON of buffalo chicken.   I aspire to be more like this blog, but alas it is a foodie's blog who eats rather fantastic food often and isn't such a goober that inhales food as soon as it is in front of them (me and Josh).  Someday.  

After we chowed down, we walked over to the YCP gym for the concert.  One of Josh's friends/coworkers was already there and said the line wasn't bad.  We were supposed to find the assistant director of student activities so she could take us upstairs to the "VIP" area.  This is also called the "person who just had surgery and couldn't get bumped" area.  Whatever.

Luckily she was there when we got in line to be searched (girls on right, guys on left), wanded, and ticket checked.  Our person took us up to the walking track above the concert area.

You can see the track here and below is the field house.  The below is where the concert was.

This is the railing of the track and looking down and the crowd forming.

Just the crowd below.

Josh checking out the crowd.

No cameras, were allowed, but I did snap some pictures with my camera phone. Oops.

The opening act was a group called Parachute.  Nope, I had never heard of them before, but they were good.

Yeah I KNOW you can't really see anything, but there are 5 guys there.  Check out their website above to get a better idea.  (Sorry Parachute!!)

We were the only ones up on the upper track for a while and it was GREAT people watching.  We saw several fights, people getting thrown out, looking down girls shirts (seriously, I'm embarrassed that I probably looked like some of them!!).  WHY do people come to concerts drunk and trying to start fights?  Like, you can go to a bar, get in for free and do that!  You have to PAY to get into a concert.  

Well after Parachute a couple ended up in the "VIP" section with us.  She was pregnant and apparently had gotten jostled in the lower section.  Poor thing.

THEN OAR came out.  The crowd was so excited!

Even a couple members from the opening act came up and watched from where we were (no I didn't take pictures of them.  I'm not that intrusive - well really I am not a good sneaky photographer.  whatever.).

The concert was amazing!  I love OAR.  They played old stuff, new stuff, and then Crazy Game of Poker!!  OMG I *pph* that song like whoa!!  It was such an awesomely good concert that words don't convey how much fun I had.

Today has been eventful so far as well.

I had my follow up.  All is well.  Come back in 2 weeks.  Lol.  Seriously.

I am having a few of my underskin dissolvable stitches surface.  They will clip and remove them at my next appointment.  No biggie.

We also found out our friend Blake (who moved to CO and was supposed to be staying with us Friday - ie tomorrow - through next Wednesday or Thursday) was coming today.  No big deal.  We are easily prepared.

So I wanted to do a couple before and after pictures quick just so you can see my progress.

So before (top) and after (bottom) looking down.  Ladies with large boobs will appreciate this.  THIS is what I saw every day.  I love the gap between my boobs now.  It's so nice!!

Again.  Before (left) and after (right).  No I did not get taller per say, but I stand so much straighter!  I am 5'3".  I weighed 166.8 in the before picture and 163.8 in the after. 
They are almost a week apart (Wed for the first one and then the following Thurs for the second).
I carry my weight well for a shortie.  Also, no butt lift I promise, just good old fashioned posture!!

So all is well in boobville.  I am feeling great and I think I look great too!  I'm still willing to answer any questions at mrsmjane@gmail.com

I'll be a little busy the next week with our house guest, but I'll try to pop on and say hi!

And a parting shot of THE BEST husband in the world.  I could NOT have done all this without him.  I love you Josh!  

*hugs and kisses*


Day FIVE post op

Okay, I love my new boobs.  Honestly, this recovery is all but a total breeze and although things are still all frankenboobish (thanks Cindy - lol) - I LOVE the results.  They are so perky and nice looking (well with clothes on - haha).  I love that when I take my bra off I don't feel that pull on my skin that I had before.

They sit up higher and they maintain that now without industrial cranes.  Awesome!  I was able to walk around for 30 mins and not have ANY back pain.  It is a combination of their new size, their new shape and where they are on my body.  

Let me do some quick updating.  Monday I took the scopolamine patch off and by yesterday my vision was back to normal.  That was seriously the craziest thing that I was totally NOT expecting.

Also, my uvula is still distended, but getting better.  The tube must have really irritated me this time.  I had to gargle salt water a couple times yesterday and then *gag* had to pull some gross white goo off of it.  I think It was actually a *ugh* scab, but I was so grossed out I didn't really examine it.  I TOLD people this blog was TMI.  I wasn't joking.  Sorry.

Other than those two minor issues, things are going fantastic.  Monday night we relaxed for the night.  Yesterday I was home alone for the first time.  I had occasional sharp pains, but nothing I couldn't handle.  I even managed to shower all by myself (note: I showered alone on Monday, but Josh was RIGHT outside ready to hand me stuff and help)!  WITH some leg shaving (Monday I had only done my armpits)!  Ooooo (note: I only maybe got like 70% of my leg shaved as I am still a LITTLE limited in my movements - but it was the attempt to do it that counts right??)

After my adventures in alone showerdom, two girlfriends came over with dinner!  Yum!  Neither of their sandwich's were right, but mine was.  :-P  Sorry girls.  We then sat and talked for a while.  Our friend Henk (lol) stopped by for a few, Josh finally came home, and Kandice's significant other came over to work on a bike.  We had a full house on a random Tuesday night!

I think people were slightly impressed with how much I was moving around and looking fine.  I know I've been surprised considering I'd heard a LOT to the contrary.  I thought I'd be couchbound for a LEAST a week if not two.  Don't get me wrong.  I am on the couch a lot, but only because I'm not supposed to lift anything, I can't drive and it's raining outside.  Otherwise I'd probably be out walking or SOMETHING.

Actually, there is a CONCERT tonight I have been so excited to go to!  Josh didn't want to get tickets because he figured I wouldn't be able to go.  I am so glad I convinced him otherwise!!  I can't wait to go see OAR tonight!!  We will be sitting up with the press and photographers since I can't really get jostled too much, but it's totally worth it.  I can't WAIT to get out of the house.  

Thanks for all the well wishes!!  I won't be able to post pictures of the concert tonight (no cameras allowed - boo), but I'll let you know how it went.  

*hugs and kisses*


Day THREE post op

Saturday night was good.  I took a percocet because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to sleep.  I ended up sleeping like a baby.  I didn't even try to roll onto my stomach!  Success!

Sunday we tried to get my ugly cotton bras on.  Guess what?  They didn't fit.  Oops.  I felt bad sending Josh to try to find them, so I went with him!  We walked around Walmart a little (that was where I got the original bras).  It felt good to be out and about already, but the car ride was not fun.  All those bumps in the road.  Ow. Ow. Ow.   

I did get another birdie bath from Josh.  This time though I had all the bandages off.  I'm not going to lie.  I almost passed out looking at the incisions.  They aren't bad, but everything just feels off.  My skin is more taunt between my breasts, the liposuctioned all my side boobage, my nipples have stitches all around them.  *gag*  Josh was SUCH a good sport though and helped me a ton.  He didn't even make a gross face when seeing them.  

I took tylenol every 4 hours and put ice on occasionally for 20 mins each time.  Things felt pretty good actually.  We had one visitor who stopped by with this     .  My favorite color is ORANGE and she found all ORANGE candy for me.  How awesome!!  

And speaking of gifts, we did have a visitor on Saturday, but I was sleeping.  They brought over these awesome flowers and balloon!  
I LOVE the orange vase.  His favorite color is orange too,  and it was our mutual love of this and good music that bonded us.  :-P

So later Sunday evening we got a phone call and it was another friend and his girlfriend.  He lives close and they were heading to Rita's, and they offered to grab some for us.  I wasn't in the mood, but Josh got one.  They stayed for a bit and hung out with us.  It is definitely much nicer this surgery without taking the pain meds.  They make me all woosy and tired.  This time I am feeling really good and alert!

I want to stop pretending to be super woman and tell you the bad things going on from this surgery.  I had some sort of allergic reaction in the hospital.  I had a weird rash on my body and was itchy.  No one knows exactly what caused it though.  Hmmmm... 

Having the drains pulled is still making me feel pukey if I think about it.  Ugh.

I also am having a vision problem.  No seriously.  I wear contacts/glasses to see far away, but I have NO close up vision problems.  Well Sunday I noticed I couldn't see my laptop screen, my cell phone screen or read a book.  Somehow my perfectly normal near sighted vision was gone.  Hmmm... not good.  After talking to my mom, some girls who have some med knowledge I found it is it a rare, but known side effect of the anti nausea patch Trans Sopolamine. 

I took the patch off this morning and it seems like things are getting slightly better.  Not cool that it happened.  So weird.

Also, my uvula is all swollen.  That's apparently from the intubation tube.  Someone was a little rough with it at some point.  Chloroseptic is my friend.

I slept really well again last night.  Josh did wake me up to take my tylenol, but I always fell right back to sleep.  Since Josh had taken the day off, we just kind of vegged around a lot.  I took a shower today all by myself!  It hurt a little and felt odd, but I washed my hair, shaved, etc.  It took a little longer, but it wasn't too bad!

The only real pain I feel is like a quick pain.  Sort of like if your foot falls asleep and then when you wake it back up you get those pins and needles.  Yeah.  That is what my boobs occasionally feel like.  My liposuctioned side boobs still hurt, but I look fantastic.  Well at least I think so.  

Honestly, I thought they looked too small, but they don't, they just look very proportionate.  The downside is my stomach looks bigger.  I'll work on that after this recovery though!  Oh, and fully swollen (well I guess I'm swollen.  I don't feel swollen, and I have NO bruising.) I am down 2 inches bust wise.  I went from 43 1/2" to 41 1/2".  I was hoping to be under 40" but we'll see what I can do once I'm healed.  

So here is what people want to see I'm sure.  Some before and afters together.  Before picture is in the "real" bra and the after is in the front hook job.  Enjoy!!

*hugs and kisses*


All about a Breast Reduction

So Thursday I got the phone call for what time I had to be at the hospital on Friday. (9:30AM arrival and 11:30AM surgery).

Thursday night I took some "before pictures"  Here is from the front.

And here is from the side.  Yes I know they don't look all that big to most people, but that bra is a 38DDD.  The band never rested on my ribcage because it was too big, but I couldn't find anything larger than a 36DDD and that was too small... soo... yeah.

I do have some braless, but you'll have to specifically ask me for those.  You can email me at mrsmjane@gmail.com.  If you do email me please give me your name, and how I "know" you, because I'm not just randomly sending those out!!

My mom came down Thursday night as well.  We took a few pictures before leaving the house Friday morning. 

 This is me updating my internet friends and talking to Meme on the phone.  Hi internet friends!!

How cute and happy I look before surgery.  :-P
Here is a picture of Mom and I before leaving for the hospital:

Yes I know it looks like she is cupping my boob.  She kind of was.  Lol.
  We had to cut each others hair before leaving.  It's some old wives tale for Good Friday.  So we did it.

These were all the in the car shots on the way to the hospital.  Fun stuff!!

When we got to the hospital, we went up to the short procedure unit and they had a private room for me.  I've explained this before, but I'll go over it again.  You stay in this preop room until the very start of your surgery so you can hang out with whomever brought you (in my case it was my mom and Josh).  It makes the waiting go by much quicker.

So while in my room I had to get naked, pee in a cup (to make sure I wasn't pregnant - I'm not), and answer TONS of questions.  This is also when I got my IV put in.  The girl THIS time got it first try, no problems, unlike my last surgery IV, but I digress.  

Josh and I posing in the first one and giving a thumbs up for the IV in the second one.

Mom and Josh made me put on my surgical cap so they could laugh at me.  I thought I looked super cute anyways.

Dr. Born then came in and marked me all up.  It was kind of weird, but I'm not too modest so I
 was fine. I also have pictures from this.  See instructions above on how to view these. He then took a picture of me for reference.  Three minutes later he was back, he accidentally deleted the pictures, so he needed new ones.  Oops.  Before I knew it the anesthesiologist nurse came in, gave me the drugs and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery.  

This was taken when I got back from the recovery room.  I was sleeping again. The ladies in the recovery room laughed at me because I wake up SUPER quickly and I'm always super perky, talkative and funny.  They said they'd rather have someone like me then the people that wake up all grumpy.  Not this girl though!!

Here are the drains that I had in.  Ugh.

Here is mom helping me walk around that night.  The doctor said I would heal quicker if I move around, so I went moving around.  I would also like to count the 4 bazillion bathroom trips I took.

Yum.  Breakfast.  I didn't each much dinner the night before, so I was kind of hungry.  I only ate the one slice of toast, some eggs and the milk.  I gave my mom the coffee, OJ and we dumped the cream of wheat.  Ewwww.
After breakfast I did a little computering.  It was fun, but didn't last long.  I wasn't in pain really, just REALLY tired and sleepy.  I still kind of am though.

Right there I am pointing our the patch behind my ear.  It helped with the nausea and I can leave it on three days.  Apparently people can get sick from this surgery... and since my last surgery I am physically unable to throw up.  So I really really needed this.

Just a little more computering.  Lol.

The MUCH smaller boobs all packed into an ace bandage.  You can also see the icky drains.

Just a few more random pictures of me.

So Josh had called me Friday night (he ran home while my mom stayed with me) and found a PRESENT for me!!  He brought it in today so I could open it.  The little cute card is above (FYI I *pph* my internet best friend Rachel).  And what was in the package??  

The Duggar book!  Not everyone will get how funny this is, but I do.  THANKS Rachel!!
Waiting to get discharged.  I had my ice packs on under my zip up hoodie.  It held them well.

In the car on the ride home!

Finally home!  It felt sooo good to be out of the hospital!!

So since yesterday I have only taken TWO pain pills.  I had one oxycodone right after I woke up from surgery and one this morning because at some point in the middle of the night I rolled over onto my side/stomach and REALLY irritated the drains.  Ouch.

Other than that I just take 2 tylenol every 4 hours and put on the ice packs occasionally.

I wasn't discharged until the drains were out.  Having the drains out.  Ugh, ouch, ewww.  I'm not going to lie and say it wasn't that bad.  Ha.  It was.  But after that all seemed well.

Josh helped give me a sponge bath and he washed my hair in the kitchen sink.  

So that was the surgery and what we did today.  I'm doing fantastic and I love how little and PERKY they are.  Yeah!  I can't wait to see them when the nipples stop bleeding and I can just look at them and admire them.  I'll try to keep the healing process updated for anyone interested.  

*hugs and kisses* and thanks for ALL the support!!


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