May the Fourth Be With You

I kept reading this today on facebook and had NO idea WHY people kept saying this. I mean, there is a fourth of EVERY month.

Then my coworker said it and I was like "seriously, no one said that in April!!" He was like "right, but it's MAY... MAY the fourth be with you (odd, "are you really this stupid" look in my general direction)..."

Yes, yes I am.

*hangs head in shame*

This reminds me of this time I realized what the phrase "shut your mouth when you are talking to me" REALLY meant. I heard it when we saw "Talladega Nights" with a bunch of friends. It wasn't until a little over a YEAR later that someone said it to me (for the millionth time) that it somehow clicked and I blurted out... "wait, you CAN'T talk if your mouth is shut." No one realized I didn't get it because I giggled whenever I heard it. But I giggled because I thought it was stupid and didn't make sense.

*le sigh*

And THIS is how I consider starting my semi return to blogging. I will try to keep doing this once a week and no more than a two week break in between. But who am I kidding? It will probably be another month again. :-)

Speaking of months, it is MAY.

My birthday is in MAY. Which means... it's my BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Yayayay!!

Yes, I am that person.

*hugs and kisses*


Whatever Lola wants...

Lola gets...

And my new bike is named Lola.

She is an ORANGE Felt Cafe 8 Deluxe.

There is a stock photo. I'll post more photos of her later.

We went on an 11.5 mile ride today on the Rail Trail with Josh. She was FANTASTIC.

In other bike related news, tomorrow is Josh's first race of the season. Wish him luck!!

*hugs and kisses*


Still alive.

I promise. Just busy and trying to get all my life into a groove. Unfortunately for my readers, but fortunately for my "real" life, I have been busy and active. The weather has been mostly nice enough to be outside exercising and enjoying it. There has also been lots of work for me as well at the shop, and our house has been grossly neglected on the cleaning end.

When I think I can handle some computer time without letting it get overwhelming I'll come back more regularly. Until then I leave you with this photo from me today. I was "dressing up" a bit for Easter with the in laws.

And here I am driving our BRAND NEW 2010 Mazda 3, 5-door, 6-speed. It is STICK people. I drove it for 30 minutes ish with several stops(lights and signs), merging on a highway, getting off a highway, passing cars and driving on back roads with only ONE problem. I popped the clutch pulling out from a stop sign on a hill. Josh told me he'd give me a B+ overall. WHOA.

I don't really drive stick EVER, so this is a HUGE accomplishment. What better time to learn than when you are 27 and have already been driving for 11 years right??

*hugs and kisses*


Learning to Ride a Bike

No not me. I know how to ride a bike. In fact I have owned several bikes. The first one I remember was pink with a pink banana seat with white hibiscus flowers and a white basket that had pink flowers on it. I put these little neon colored pieces of plastic on the spokes that clacked when I rode.

Behind the seat was a raised metal bar that my Pap (grandfather) would hold onto while I rode. No training wheels for this girl. One day he just let go. I looked back and realized he was gone. I was so happy until I totally wasn't watching and rode right off the sidewalk and crashed. Good thing Pap was a great cheerleader and got me right back on the bike. It is such a great memory I will always cherish.

A couple weekends ago we took our friend's daughter to Cycleworks in Wrightsville, PA. She's almost big enough for one size bike, and a little too big for the size down. She rode the littler bike for a while because it had training wheels.

She leans a little to the side, but she's new. She'll get the hang of it.

Unfortunately although she liked the little purple bike, it wouldn't have lasted long as she would have outgrown it too quickly.

Luckily they had a used bike in the next size up that was in the basement. No training wheels on that one, so she needed daddy's help.
Still got that lean. :-)

She was a little overwhelmed with all the grown ups talking so I grabbed her and we went to the front of the store to have a little alone girl talk. Very maturely we discussed the two bikes. Did she like the purple one because of the color and how it rode, or because it had training wheels? Or was she ok with the white and pink bike, but just wasn't comfortable because of the lack of training wheels that could be put on.

After some very adult discussions (she's only 5) and some snuggling, we called her mom up to talk about our decision. She then called daddy and Josh up to let them all know. We had decided that the pink and white bigger bike was what she wanted, but she wanted training wheels. Smart girl.

Well luckily, not only did they have some training wheels for the used bike, BUT they also had a brand new bike that was the same (just a year newer). Hmmm. Mommy and daddy were looking for a bike for her grandmother's house too. After some discussions with the bike guys, they agreed to lower the price on both if they bought both bikes.

So our little goober got a brand new bike for her parent's house and the same bike in the used version for her grandparent's house!!

The newer bike is in the foreground.

I only hope we can create some fun memories for her when she's older that she will look back on fondly as I do mine.

Love you my little goober.

*hugs and kisses*

Gaper Day 2010

Say what? A "gaper" according to urban dictionary is
1. A gaper is a skiier or snowboarder who is completely clueless. Usually distiungished by their bright colored clothes and a gaper gap, the gap between goggles and a helment/hat. Gapers also do the "Gaper Tuck" which is an attempt at being a ski racer by tucking, however, it is done incorrectly with the poles sticking straight up like thunderbolts and lighting, very very frightning! Gapers also sit at the bottom of jumps and try and go big off table tops in the park.
2. A skier or snowboarder who sucks and is usually spotted wearing clothing from 1983, but other clothing styles for them do exist. A dead giveaway of a gaper is when their pants are tucked into their boots and the famous "Gaper Gap" (a gap between the helmet/hat and the goggles). Gapers sometimes temporarily inhabit the entrance to a terrain park. They will sit on their ass for a good 5-10 minutes talking about what they are going to do of a that "jump" or "rail" while everyone behind them goes before them and they stare at them with their mouth gaped open. Once they finally decide to leave their home at the entrance of the terrain park, the gaper will eventually decide to either roll over the jump and mess up all the lips, or they will try and actually hit the jump. If this occurs, they generally end up coming up half way short of the landing on their ass and yardsale, while the person behind them runs them over and/or yells at them. Gapers may also make turns or snowplow down green runs and sometime try to act cool by crouching and sticking their ski poles in the air but are totally oblivioius to the fact that they look even more stupid than they previously were. Gapers often find themselves on the top of a black diamond run because they are dumbasses and can't read a map. When they approach the run, they may either turn around, stare at it, sit down on the top of it, or just simply walk down the side of it. Gapers often have trouble getting on and off lifts and the lift operator gets really frustrated with them because he is required to stop the lift. A fun game to play while skiing or riding behind a gaper is called "Follow the Gaper". The game is played by following the gaper's path and looking as bad as they are. The game will usually last until they identify your presence, however it is possible to extend the game even past this point.

Now this has nothing to do with the above, but if you don't use urban dictionary to find slang terms, then you are TOTALLY missing out. It has helped me find the true meaning of supermaning that hoe, and other such sexual references in songs. It's hysterical!

So back to gaper day. A group of friends has chosen a day at a local ski mountain and decided to dress in 80's gear, drink beer and have a great time. Who wouldn't want to join?? Unfortunately we missed it last year due to my surgeries, but we were all ready this year.

I raided my mom's closet for our old ski gear (yes, from the 80's, yes she still has it), raided my own closet for some awesome clothing I own (yes, from the 80's and YES *I* still have it), raided a good friend's closet and off we went.

Oh yes, here we are. I rocked my mom's old orange snow outfit, and Josh had our friend Amanda's jacket that had REMOVABLE sleeves. Whoa.

Of course we ran into some old college friend's of Josh. His old rugby teammates. Ha. We were like "ummm, we don't normally dress like this, but we are with a group..." Awkward!! Oh well.

I kind of feel like the photos will speak for themselves.

The jacket on my friend Kandice (the upper left photo, center girl) was my jacket in the 80's. The orange one I am wearing was my mom's whole outfit. :-)

The boys did a shirtless run. Oh yes, they all went down the mountain together like this.

And for the best moment of the day.
On the right, our friend. On the left, an unsuspecting mountain patron wearing the EXACT one piece our friend had purchased last year on ebay. When he approached her, she was like "I've had this outfit for 30 years!" Radically AWESOME huh??

This was how we spent Saturday March 6, 2010.

*hugs and kisses*


He turned 16 today

My "little" brother that is.

Such an amazing kid.

Here we are in our "christmas pj's" this year. He doesn't look so little does he?

Love him a lot and super proud of him. *big smile*

Happy 16th Birthday to my "little" brother. Drive safe and don't speed like mom does. Lol.

*hugs and kisses*


Photos from My Life Break

February 15-21

Usually my parent's house has snow even when we don't. They are about 2ish hours north of us and in the mountains. This time though they missed BOTH of the big storms that we'd had. So when I got home the ground was mainly bare of all snow. Weird.

Monday night though (my first night there) look what I saw!!
Apparently I brought it with me!

Other notable photos that week. I sent this one to Josh and told him I bought a new hat.
He was not amused. Such a weirdo. Lol.
Mom and I were playing dress up while shopping obviously.

I also found these at Walmart.
They are super yummy and not at all gross like people think. Mainly peanut butter flavored with just a hint of strawberry, everyone I've forced to try them love them. SUPER addictive.

I did try to get a photo of it actually snowing.
But with screens in all the windows it didn't turn out too well.

And here is a photo of Sassy watching the snow and waiting for her two boyfriends to come visit.
They evaded me all week. I think she told them I was mean or something because the evening after I left they showed up. Ugh.

I got home on Friday and we had a party to attend. It was a fondue and game night at our friend's house and it was SO MUCH FUN. Josh was super sleep deprived and it made him absolutely hilarious. Next post will discuss Josh's sleep deprivation. Lol.

Saturday was a lazy day.

Sunday I was back up near my parent's house. Unfortunately, my family couldn't meet me. I had gone up with Kandice to pick up a puppy. Long story, but the puppy is Kandice's new puppy Masi (MAY-cee)'s sister. Did you get all that?

Here is the former Lucy Lou. Her new owner's renamed her.

Kandice and I did get to eat lunch at Wegmans with her parents. Oh I love Wegmans. We also grabbed some premade sushi for when we got home for dinner. And when we stopped at Sheetz I found some coconut M&M's (Can you tell I'm on a chocolate kick lately?? - Easter is around the corner!) that I shared for dessert. Lol.

So that is all for now about that week. Can't wait to tell you what Josh was doing while I was gone!!

*hugs and kisses*


Valentine's Day 2010

We had to kind of skip Valentine's Day last year because I was being discharged from the hospital. I did get flowers and a funny card though.

And yes I realize it is an overly commercialized day. It is also the day Josh and I started "dating" 8 years ago - or as I like to say it "the day we decided to stop having sex with any other people." Lol.

All I asked for this year was a bacon, egg and cheese mcgriddle (I even had a coupon!)

This is what I woke up to!
Yum! I hadn't had McDonald's in well over a month or more!

When I went downstairs I was surprised to find these.

Even though I said no card or flowers. They are beautiful though!

Later that day we did our usual celebration type thing - a mom and pop sub place.

This time we placed our order at Jim and Nena's in Hallam, ran down to Mack's ice cream for some of their amazing cookies and cream ice cream, picked up our food that was ready and headed home to snuggle, watch movies and eat.

I love spending any day like that.

*hugs and kisses*

February 11, 2010 Dr. P Follow up

More playing catch up!

Thoughts still all over the place.

Thursday February 11th I had my one month follow up with Dr. P. It went ok. Basically I have to lose weight or at least maintain what I have, but be more active. Supposedly I will be in pain for a while and I just have to work through it. If I don't do something because it is painful, I'll just keep moving backwards and not forwards. (Glad I'd already seen SK who helped me out with the pain issue. She really is my FAVORITE doctor EVER!!)

They also couldn't schedule my follow up 3 month CAT scan because of the snow the two days before. I did get a phone call the following Monday that my CAT scan will be Monday April 5th. Super. Can't wait. Metallic taste and feeling like I am peeing myself. Awesome right?

Then another follow up with Dr. P after that. If they don't see anything then I'll have another follow up CAT scan 3 months from the first one. Thank you insurance. Thank you a whole lot. I am awfully expensive!

Here are a few photos of the doctor's office parking lot.

*hugs and kisses*

February 13, 2010

I realize this is a little late. Well only 10 days really. I've started a whole slew of posts about topics I WANT to write about, but I just don't have the brain energy to complete my thoughts. Even now I'm struggling to get my mind to convey to my fingers what to exactly type out.

So... whatever. You get the point. I've got a lot going on in my brain and it's just too congested to get out. Back to topic though.

This post goes along with why I blog in the first place. I used to write in journals a long time ago, and I enjoyed going back and reading what was going on in my life, how I was dealing with these things, what I was thinking while going though them, etc.

Most of the following was written the day it happened. I just cleaned it up a little and expressed some feelings better.

One year ago on February 13, 2009 I went in for my first surgery ever. I was excited and nervous. I was unemployed and looking forward to moving forward with my physical health. I was thankful that all those years I suffered I wasn't actually crazy and there was something wrong, but fixable. In other words, one year ago I was in a totally different mindset - hopeful and positive.

Now though. Oh now. Now, I am 1 month post op of my THIRD surgery. My attitude has changed dramatically. I am not nearly as positive. I think I've expressed what is going on in my head quite well so far. My motivation is kind of nil. I know it sounds pessimistic, but I really do feel like this isn't over. Something still feels... wrong.

Part of this probably has something to do with the fact I didn't realize anything was wrong in the first place. Like how I didn't realize a whole organ was hanging out in the WRONG area of my body. Every doctor, nurse, secretary and technician were amazed that I had NO symptoms and wasn't aware something was amiss. That's frustrating to realize that I really don't know my body as well as I thought.

In conclusion of my post 1 year - things are up in the air. Hopefully I'm not too hypochondrial and can move past this. I am not much of a past dweller and this should get me through these feelings of being downtrodden much faster.

*hugs and kisses*




Remember I keep saying this blog contains Too Much Information. And here is another little tidbit to attest to that.

So for about 4 days now I have had diarrhea. Yes it hurts again at this point. No I don't know why besides MY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM HATES ME. Hates. A lot. Hates. Anyway, I am just setting you up for another fun public restroom story.

Josh and I decided to go to dinner tonight. We did. Then we went to Bed Bath and Beyond because for the first time in those 4 days I didn't feel like I had to hit the bathroom IMMEDIATELY after eating. I was excited! Whatever. Josh then mentions how he would like to look at some iPhone paraphernalia at Best Buy since he gets his in MARCH. Countdown is somewhere around T-20 days. Work is paying for it, hence the waiting.

We look at iPhone stuff, we look at LED tv's (OMG I totally want one. The color is so BRIGHT and pretty!), we looked at cameras, we looked at printers and then it hit. Ugh. Seriously?? Of COURSE I am on the other side of the store.

So I do my poop waddle to the bathrooms. I look at the one directly in front of me and it says "men" (this is important - trust me), so I duck in the one to my left NOT looking at the sign. For the second public restroom issue, the bathroom is CLEAR!! No one in it. Yay!!

I'll spare you the super gross details, but suffice it to say someone comes in before I'm finished. Singing. It's a DUDE!! Like a male dude. Like with a penis (I assume).

Holy SH!T literally!! I totally freeze. Did I walk into the wrong restroom?? Did I totally not pay attention to the sign?? There aren't urinals in here. This shouldn't be a guys restroom, but is it?? What is going on??

Dude sings his way into the handicapped stall, locks the door, sits down and starts farting. Then pooping. Again? AGAIN?? HOW does this keep happening?

I finish up very quickly, grab my stuff, spring out of the stall, and try to wash my hands while keeping an eye on that handicap stall door praying to a MUCH higher power not to let it open. While doing so another WOMAN walks in. What do I say? "Ummmm, there is a dude in the end stall, watch out?" Then he would hear me. Then we would both be embarrassed. Nope, I just ran.

I find Josh and tell him the whole story and he proceeds to laugh at me. We tried waiting and watching to see the guy (I saw his shoes), but after 5 minutes I decided it was better to just leave.

I am done shopping after eating. Done. *sigh*

*hugs and kisses*


Another life break

I went to my parent's house to visit my mom for the week while my dad and brother were away for the week.

Yay for some much needed girl time. I guess it should be "mother/daughter" time, but we aren't too mother/dautherly.

I'll be back on Monday. Maybe sooner.

I have Valentine's photos, photos of my SURPRISE from the husband (I LOVE PAINT!!), and other stuff. Something to look forward to.

*hugs and kisses*


SNOW Ice Cream

We have somewhere around 40+" of snow. It is seriously crazy around here. There isn't enough room to put it all!

Thanks to a lovely neighbor who watched a newscast, then posted on facebook, which then reminded me of something I did in childhood.

Snow Ice Cream. You will need clean snow.

Now I realize "clean" can be a relative term. You see when I was little my mom made me snow ice cream. Then in 5th grade my science teacher taught us all about ACID RAIN. OMG. NO more snow ice cream for me!! Never! It would KILL me!!

This many years later and I've learned that what doesn't kill me consumption wise only preserves my organs for my plan to live forever.


Back to my original "recipe."

You'll need milk, sugar and vanilla on hand.
Mix 1 cup milk, 1/2 cup sugar and 1 tsp of vanilla. Whisk.
Send your husband out into the cold to collect your snow. Good husband. *kisses*
Fresh "clean" snow. Up to the door so he didn't have to really go anywhere for it.
All the ingredients.
Start mixing the snow in with the other stuff.
Keep adding snow (they say 5-6 cups, we probably ended up with 8 or more) until it becomes a mashed potato consistency.
Scoop and serve!
Josh added chocolate syrup to his to make chocolate ice cream!
Voila! Vanilla and chocolate (with caramel sauce) snow ice cream!

Problem though. It melts SUPER fast and gets all soupy. It was also WAY sweet.

I ended up freezing half mine. It was really good frozen. Kind of like a vanilla italian ice. I actually enjoyed it more than when it was fresh. Again though, super sweet.

I don't have any pictures, but I did make more again tonight.

This time I mixed 1 cup of milk, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 tsp vanilla and then put it in the freezer for 45 minutes or so.

When the snow was mixed in the whole thing didn't get soupy. We froze most of it, but did end up having some too. This mix was MUCH better and I even have a sweet tooth. It also didn't soupify immediately.

Now what to do with the other millions of cups of snow out there...

*hugs and kisses*

The second large snowstorm of 2010

This storm didn't start so late. The first snow flakes started around 3:30-4PM on Tuesday Feb 9, 2010.
This was taken at 5:30PM. Yeah... lots of snow already.
This next photo was taken for Josh.
This is an NSX. It was all OVER the road.
Do NOT drive a car like this in the snow if A. you aren't familiar with driving this in this type of weather and B. if it's snowing. Lol.

On the other hand we were out in it too...
This was 83. Kind of a mess. Thank goodness for our subaru AWD!
Another shot of 83. It was pretty dead on our side. Going the other way it was lots of traffic.
Why were we out though?? So Josh could go snowboarding at Roundtop! Lol. I can't ski or board due to my stupid surgery thing... BUT I play an amazing lodge bunny. You should see me!

These next few pictures are what happened when we got home from Roundtop. It took forever in the car to get there and back. Everyone else got plenty of snow play time. Suddenly I felt the urge.
"Josh, grab the camera. Yes the camera. TAKE A PICTURE OF ME IN THE SNOW"
"tee hee hee I am making a SNOW angel!!"
"Look at my cold wet butt! It's cold... and WET!!"
My masterpiece snow angel -->
Doing this made me so happy and excited. I can't describe how good it feels to feel NORMAL and not want to sulk on the couch and cry all the time. So anyways...

I took this photo on the morning of the 10th. It was STILL coming down.
Looking out back.
The black at the bottom of this photo is the bottom of the sliding glass doors.
They are 18" off the ground. The mound of snow was well over that.
More of the backyard.
Buried suby... again. Poor Josh keeps having to dig out the car!
Obviously you can't tell from this photo, but the plow truck was stuck. Really stuck. Over 20 minutes it took him to get himself unstuck. Ugh.
This was all the better the road looked when he was done.

I also want to note I am taking more photos again. YAY!

This is a good thing obviously.

*hugs and kisses*


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