The END of 2009

Sometimes the best laid plans fall through. And the last of 2009 was no different. With my arm stitches all messed up and my bleh mood (did I mention I got my period??) going "out" was just not on the books for this year.

Wait what? NOT do something for New Years?? WE have ALWAYS done something for New Years. **I** have ALWAYS done something for New Years. But this year, well, we just decided not to.

After hanging around during the morning we made the decision to drive to White Marsh, MD and see the new movie Avatar in IMAX 3D. I cuted myself up in my new tunic thing and off we went. Now, please don't click on the photo. It is an iPhone photo. I just can't seem to get a clear one!
So we got our 3D glasses and had to wait in line. So of COURSE we took more photos.

SO HOT right??

Okay, so the movie was AMAZING!! Even if you aren't a fantasy/sci-fi fan, this was just a visual delicacy. Seriously. The story was bleh, but I was so stimulated in the visual sense I stayed completely alert the WHOLE time.

There was a brew pub across the street from the theatre and we headed over there for some beer and food.

Both were good, but neither great.

Quick stop at a liquor store to grab some champagne and we headed back to PA in the rain. Ew. What a way to put a damper on an already yuck mood.

We've watched some recorded TV shows and played a board game... and it's only 11ish. Lol. HOW do we waste hours on end normal nights and be like "where did the time go?" and yet the one night we want to TRY to stay up we are looking at each other completely bored?


Well to all my readers, have a great New Year. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Take nothing and no one for granted, unless they aren't worth your time. It's a new year, a fresh start. Take advantage.

*hugs and kisses*


Colorado or Bust (day 2)

The plan for day 2 was a trip to Breckenridge. A friend who had lived in PA (whose folding table came in handy for Christmas!!) had come late day 1. We also had plans to meet with several other former PAers at the mountain.

The morning started with Josh the yoga instructor helping Kandice and Blake in a little pigeon pose. Jason was cooking breakfast during this.
The troops on the way! See me ALL the way in the BACK? We had a Kia Borrego as our rental and it was GREAT. We were able to seat 5 people plus 4 sets of equipment and bags! All the backs of the seats were plastic which was nice for the wet snow stuff too!! I'm easily impressed.
That's Josh in the light blue jacket and brown pants. This was him heading onto the lift for his first ski run EVER in CO!!
Kandice, Jason and Josh on the lift!! Nice picture guys!
Jason on the snowboard and Josh on the skis coming at me.
This is about 2 seconds before he covered me in snow. Jerk. :-P
The boys at the beach in Breck.
The ladies. It was COLD, but it felt so WARM. I LOVED the weather and the super blue skies!!

And while everyone was out on the mountain I took the gondola down to the town and did some site seeing.
Here I am! The mountain behind me and the town in front of/below me.
There are quite a few of these abandoned buildings on the main street. They are boarded up and I am somewhat assuming they are historical, but no one wants to do the upkeep so they are letting them go. Hmmmm. Not sure.

The mountain from the town.
Some old bar. The exterior is original and has been maintained. Very cool.

So what else happened while in Breck. Well, I got a free sample of elk jerky (I am not a huge jerky fan, so this was just meh), a free glass of wine (a shop was having wine tastings and I was the ONLY person around), and a free beavertail (don't be a pervert and click on the link to see it's FRIED DOUGH). I chatted with a super sweet girl at one shop, got hit on by some guy (he even asked for my number!) at another shop, and ran into someone originally from Harrisburg, PA in another! My only downfall of rudeness was The North Face shop where they were SUPER rude to me. Thanks for nothing.

A funny though. While perusing the town I criss crossed the main street several times. The town is VERY walker friendly and each cross walk has large signs letting vehicles know to yield. At one crosswalk I looked both ways, nodded to the parking attendant next to me and went to cross. I almost got ran over by an SUV!! Apparently he didn't see parking lady and sped up. There was another guy at the next block she radioed too and he got fined!! I was impressed they took my safety so seriously!

After the long day for every one else (me too - I did a LOT of walking) we all met at Bubba Gumps for some buy one get one free appetizers and drinks!
The table from left to right around. Josh, Eric, Jennie, Lauren, Blake, Megan, Jessie, Tom, Stacey, Kandice, Jason and me! I'm in a photo! Yay!! (and sorry if I butchered anyone's name)

After this we followed our friends to one of the guy's work parties. It was in this CRAZY huge awesome house. There were three floors and THREE kitchens. It was HUGE!

Kandice and I played with the cutest little girl while the boys drank beers. Josh somehow got roped into trying this.
He said it was like a bloody mary. I thought it tasted like ew. CLAM and TOMATO juice with BUD LIGHT, salt and lime?? WTF?? Apparently you will never get a hangover from drinking this. Well duh, because you can't stomach enough to get you drunk!!

Day 2 ended happily and we may have done some hot tubbing to soothe their sore bodies and my sore legs.

I think it was sometime around this day that I fell in LOVE with Colorado. It's just beautiful!

*hugs and kisses*

Colorado or Bust (day 1)

Colorado or Bust was a 6 day, 5 night adventure in Colorado with our friends Kandice and Jason. It was one day a few months ago that Kandice and I discussed Southwest airlines having great sales. In less than 48 hours we had made a plan, purchased plane tickets and started mapping out our time out there.

Kandice and Jason were seasoned Colorado visitors, but it would be Josh and I's first time west of the Mississippi river and into the Rockies. I don't know why we waited this long.

We left York, PA for Baltimore, MD where we flew out at 8AM. Here is the story in photos with commentary.

The rest of the photos can be found HERE and HERE for your non-commentated viewing pleasure. The second HERE were taken with Nik my Nikon D60 DSLR. I mostly shot in manual modes. I need some SERIOUS practice.

So here starts the show. Enjoy!

This is how we look at 4:30am waiting for our friends to pick us up for the airport!

Initially I felt pretty okay on the way to the airport. I felt a little flutter in my stomach while waiting to board the plane. I was okay when we were waiting for all the passengers to board. The engines started up, we started to taxi down the runway and I completely lost it. I had taken half an Atavin. Apparently that wasn't enough. I sobbed and hyperventilated. Josh held my one hand and our friend Kandice held my leg. Jason thought I might ground the plane. Thank goodness that didn't happen! Once we got into the sky I was fine. It's going to take some work, but I'm sure I can get over that.

Here are some photos in the sky.
After we made it to the airport, got our bags, grabbed our FREE (thank you Kandice and your sweet hook up!!) rental car, we headed into Denver to meet a friend for lunch. He was working down the street from this place
They had a $5 lunch sandwich special that everyone else got. I ended up with this

cold frosty beverage and some buffalo chicken fingers (that were REALLY good).

After leaving our friend we headed to good old Golden, CO. Home of Coors Brewing Company.
This is Josh and the first time he was in the Rocky Mountain Air. Do you see the love on his face??
These are all the beers made by Coors. I had NO idea they owned Miller now, and the "moon" beers, and Leinenkugel!! Who knew??
So I found these bottles stuck to the wall with velcro. Being such a kid I immediately ripped them off the wall and we handed the camera to a bystander! We then started a trend and watched as people lined up to hold the bottles and pose. I'm SUCH a trendsetter.
The husband and I enjoying our free samples.
This was the visitor's entrance to the Coors factory. The actual factory stretches FIVE miles long!!
We took a winding road that let us look out over Golden. It was a breathtaking and windy road.
Here we are at Loveland Pass. It was THREE when we got out of the car and felt COLD. Josh ran up some steps that take you to exactly 12,000 feet and he almost passed out. Elevation changes are really serious.
Here are Jason and Josh at 12,000 feet. A guy said he was a professional photographer and took this photo. Ummm... it's okay.
This was the sunset as we traveled to our final destination of the day. In the valley you can see the lights of the resort we stayed at - Keystone. They are one of the only mountains that has night skiing!
Unpacking the car in the underground parking at our condo.

Not long after this we ended up hitting up a place for dinner. We went to The Goat Tavern. Jason talked this up as a GREAT place. Maybe when the season is in full swing and you want a great place to grab some beers and hang out with friends. NOT a place you go to when you want some comfort food because you are exhausted.

All in all day one was AMAZING!!

*hugs and kisses*

When they do external stitches

sometimes they do internal ones. Internal stitches apparently look like white string. Very similar to, oh say... gauze strings.

Now when one of those internal strings pushes OUT (which apparently can happen), it can wrap around the external stitches.

A normal person would have tried to untangle what they could THINK was gauze string with their fingernails, but I had just cut all mine short.

So I grabbed my tweezers and yanked.

The string of obscenities that left my mouth as I sunk to my knees to the ground WHILE almost passing out was unbecoming of a non-sailor.

I undid and pulled out about 1/2 inch (slightly less... maybe) of internal stitches from the inside to the outside of my body. My arm is in PAIN. Lots of PAIN. I must have hit a nerve or something while quickly and efficiently undoing the hard work my dermatologist did.

After sheepishly confessing my stupidity to the derm's office I was told no repetitive work, no lifting ANYTHING - even my arm above my head, no driving even. Needless to say my day has been loads of unfun nothingness. Can I catch a BREAK??

2009 is working on ending as memorable as possible. Just not memorable in the good way.

*hugs and kisses*


Christmas is OVER!!

Thank God. Seriously.

Stay tuned for my drained self to get back in action and actually update this thing. Right now I could just PASS OUT.

*hugs and kisses*



Okay, so I warned you.

I had my abnormal skin cells (precancerous or something of the likes) removed from my upper right arm today. I'm right handed. Christmas is in one more day. We are hosting two Christmas's here and attending two more. F^$<

Whatever. All my news lately has been sucktastical. Let's just add something else stupid to the mix.

So Josh and I went in to the derm today and she is SO nice. She numbed me up and went to town. I chatted away, but could NOT look at what she was doing. She said she was making a small football shape around the biopsied area and then would stitch it up. Small? Really? Josh said it looked huge and gross. Good thing he has a strong stomach and didn't pass out while looking.

The nurse bandaged me all up and it was... ummm... large. Lol. It stuck up off my arm like 2 inches. Seriously. AND the tape wouldn't stick to my skin.

So I had Josh take pictures of the offending bandage before I ripped it off (supposed to be on for 24 hours).
Do you see how HUGE it is? And while that is what she said, that's NOT what she meant.

Okay and I know my arm looks HUGE and fat. Ignore that.

And I warned you it's gross.


So there it is. Awesome huh? And my arm hurts. It probably doesn't help I came straight home and started making more Christmas cookies. Lol.

So THIS is how I feel about Christmas this year
Thank you Oscar for this sentiment. (And that is my t-shirt. I Love Oscar.)

AND since I'm posting annoying and yuck pictures take a look at my knee. This is a week after I fell skiing. It was black right after.


2010 better bring me good things. Like candy. I like candy.

And thank you to all my friends, internet, real life and just my everyday readers. I know I've been a poopyhead lately. It's just a phase. I'll get over it.

Someone asked me if I'd been naughty or nice this year. I thought about. I thought I'd been nice, but the way karma has been dumping on my lately (and not the good stuff) I'm afraid my original assessment is off.


*hugs and kisses*


News on the east coast

Isn't all that awesome. Second opinion was the same as first (but the doctor was really rude). Debating another opinion. Details another day.

I miss the Rockies. Colorado is beautiful isn't it?
I'll eventually get this blog updated with more photos and details from our trip.

*hugs and kisses*


My new life goal is

to live in Colorado one day. Our vacation was amazing and I am already plotting a way to get back ASAP.

I skied at Keystone, walked around the villages in Breckenridge, Keystone and Vail, got to see a little of Denver, Boulder and Broomfield, went to Golden and did the Coors brewery tour, went on amazingly scenic drives, had bluebird skies, had complete white outs while driving, saw Loveland Pass, went to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park, made sushi with friends, met up with Josh's cousin, met up with Josh's cousin's friend who lives in CO and went to my high school (small world?), saw elk, bighorn mountain sheep and mule deer, flew for my first time in a long time and managed not to ground the flight, met up with Josh's OTHER cousin in the airport while both waiting for flights and generally had an all out amazing experience.

I took hundreds of photos and will hopefully have a bit of photo commentary and more explanation of the longest run on sentence above.

Right now I'm EXHAUSTED and getting ready for a doctors appointment.

*hugs and kisses*


Plastic, Pig or Person?

Those are my options to fix me.

So surgeon confirmed it is a paraesophageal hernia. It's not as terrifying as I read on the internets (stupid internets), but it isn't nothing either.

I will be needing surgery to fix this. Within the next 3 months.

I CAN however go skiing, traveling, etc until then. I will REALLY REALLY need this vacation to unwind, destress and not go crazy.

Here is what I was told. The fundoplication surgery did not CAUSE this issue, but it did help facilitate my stomach making the move upwards. When my hiatal hernia was fixed, no one realized how weak my diaphragm was or how strong the positive pressure in my abdomen was in relation to the potential weakness of the negative pressure of my chest cavity.

Therefor, the negative pressure helped pull my stomach up, while the positive pressure helped push it. My diaphragm couldn't handle all of that and allowed my stomach up through.

To fix this they need to insert something to help strengthen my diaphragm. Unfortunately this is not long term. It's all experimental and up in the air. There are newer and better things all the time, and not one of them is the perfect fit.

The plastic mesh is too hard and doesn't give like that area needs. It has also been know to saw into the esophagus. THAT is bad.

The pig parts are... well pig parts. They would have to kill the pig to get the parts. I will consider this if they promise me the bacon. ALL of the bacon. And some pork. Maybe even the ham. I don't eat pig's feet though, so they can keep those.

The people parts. Well they strip all the cells off the tissue leaving the matrices. They then strengthen the matrices. Then my own stem cells will fuse with the strengthened matrices and adhere to and strengthen the diaphragm.

The people parts option looks like what the doctor would like to move forward with. I have until January 5th to look into everything before I meet with Dr. Prats again. We will then discuss the options and make a decision and firm up a surgery date.

I may try to get a second opinion though. I just want to make sure this is the best road for me to take. This issue is long term and chronic. I most likely have several more surgeries in my future and constant monitoring.

Tomorrow I will be myself. I will be okay and bright and happy. Today though I will wallow in self-pity. Why? Because it sucks. I'm tired of the "it could be worse" thinking today. Today, it is my worst and it sucks.

*hugs and kisses*


It's kind of not funny anymore...

So I tried to make light of this whole mysterious "thing" in my chest cavity. I made up interesting theories, joked with friends, nurses, doctors and medical staff, and generally managed to keep my mind off of it.

Up until this afternoon I was fine. Then I kept trying to get a hold of my surgeon. Several phone calls later and - nothing. I was frustrated and angry that I didn't know what was going on. I was highly emotionally agitated.

Sometimes I think I "just know."

At 6PM I got a phone call from Dr. Prats office. It was one of the nursing staff. It isn't any of my funny theories. It isn't the space from my old hiatal hernia. It isn't even a new hiatal hernia.

I have a paraesophageal hernia. It's the serious one.

Here is a quote from WebMD (not that I think this is the expert on these issues, but I am less so, and this pretty much says what the nurse told me over the phone) :

The paraesophageal hernia is less common, but is more cause for concern. The esophagus and stomach stay in their normal locations, but part of the stomach squeezes through the hiatus, landing it next to the esophagus. Although you can have this type of hernia without any symptoms, the danger is that the stomach can become "strangled," or have its blood supply shut off.

I asked some questions of the nurse and made an appointment to see Dr. Prats tomorrow.

I then proceeded to cry. And cry. And cry.

Yes, it could have been cancer. Or a tumor. I could have an inoperable problem. But it is none of those. And I've never really had any of those issues (besides the bit of skin cancer), so I don't know how bad it could be. Right now this is my worst thing though. MY worst thing. So far all my issues have been relatively benign and not scary. I CHOSE to have the fundoplication surgery knowing it COULD down the road cause problems.

This impending surgery is not something I can chose to have or not have. I have to have this fixed. It isn't an option.

Right now I have no idea how soon this will be taken care of and how much of an impact this will have on our upcoming (on THURSDAY) vacation. The nurse seemed to think it is unlikely I will be able to ski. I hope this won't be considered emergency surgery and keep me from going.

Here is a photo of what this looks like.
The problem with this (in my head) has to do with my toupet fundoplication. The whole top part of my stomach is wrapped around and stitched to my esophagus.

I can't keep speculating. I'll find out more tomorrow. I'll update more then. I'm upset right now.

*hugs and kisses*

Scanning the Thorax for Alien Babies

I had my CAT scan this morning. Not sure why CAT needs to be shortened to CT. We are talking one letter and no extra syllables.


So the tech/nurse preps me and lets me know that the dye will feel warm, I will get a metallic taste in my mouth and I will feel like I am peeing myself.

Check, check and oh yes, check.

They aren't kidding, you really truly feel like you've just peed your pants. Such an odd sensation!

This is what I hung out in.
Or at least something similar.

They are supposed to get the results to my surgeon by 1PM. Hopefully he calls shortly after that.

Dun dun dun...

*hugs and kisses*



It's not just for penises that are cold.


Last year in December Josh and I went with friends to cut down our own Christmas trees. I had just picked up this super cheap black Land's End puffy vest. I think they were $10.

I kept vacillating between the M and the L. The M was too small, but the L seemed huge, so being typical "I'm not really THAT big" I bought the M.

Here is the photo of our tree hunting expedition. I am wearing said vest with a tank top and thin long sleeve t-shirt under it. The snaps look a little... strained.

This photo was taken last Friday. Same vest, same person, but with a kangaroo pocket hoodie underneath.

THE SNAPS ARE OKAY! They aren't even really straining!!

I would love to be like "well this was all because of my breast reduction that reduced my breast size thus allowing my clothes to fit better." But if you allow your eyes to wander south (not that south pervert) you see my stomach wasn't exactly allowing the snaps any reprieve. It is now baby!!

I've been under a lot of stress lately and this helped boost my spirits slightly.

That and I am losing POUNDS currently. Through my nose. And from coughing stuff up. Love being sick. Really. Not.

*hugs and kisses*


Let me add something to my December 1 post

Monday December 7 at 9:30 I have a CAT scan. Why? Because I saw the surgeon today.

He was perplexed by the... mass. I enlightened him to my theories of aliens, worms and boobs. He then added his own theories.

Most likely it is a hiatal hernia (boo). Very slim chance it is just the space left behind from the fixed hernia. Even slimmer is the alien baby and coming in last and barely on the radar are my worms and third boob.

Although, if it IS alien we are flying to area 51 for fun. His treat! Weee!!

In all seriousness I did ask him what the plan was if it is a hernia. You'll never guess, so I'll just HAVE to tell you. Surgery!

Hm. So much for my potential new year's resolution of no surgeries in the upcoming year.

Oh, and the surgical resident was excited to meet me. Apparently I am something of a celebrity in the small world of local surgical residents. My surgery was interesting enough that it's discussed among them. It felt kind of weird.

Another funny of my visit was my offer to the nurse to see my x-rays. She was all "I don't really know what I'm loo *I pull out the x-ray* oh my god! Even I can see it's wrong." Awesome!!

*hugs and kisses*


I realize it's December and all...

but can I add to my wishlist??

I want THIS.

It is a freaking heaven in brownie form!! And I can make rice crispy treats, and mini cakes, and any other tiny snack I want!

Please Santa, if you are listening... I NEED this. :-)

I found out about this from some internet friends. I participated in a gift exchange and sent my exchangee her gifts on Monday. She got them today!! Her husband had gotten her the magic posted above and had it sent to their house. Silly husband forgot she gets home first. Lol. BUT she's excited none the less.

People also started getting my Christmas/Holiday cards. Yay!!

I'm currently sick (boo) with super sore throat and monster head congestion. Tomorrow I meet with the surgeon about my alien baby.

Only 8 days until CO!
Only 21 days until Mole Removal!
Only 22 days until Operation too busy Christmas Season begins!
And Only 23 days until CHRISTMAS!!

*hugs and kisses*


It's December 1

Which means only 24 days until Christmas. I love Christmas and normally adore this time of year, but things have been less than fabulous around here.

Let's do a list of things that is going crazy in my life as a way to deal with it and MOVE on.

1. My alien baby. Surgeon appointment on Thursday. I better get some answers.
2. Family issues. Teenagers are stupid. I love them, but stupid. *sigh* I screwed up too as a teenager, but when I was a teenager there wasn't the social networking or INTERNET or the over abundance of cell phones. Stupid.
3. A week from Thursday we leave for CO. The Ativan test went exceptionally well on Sunday. I'm still nervous about getting everything together and about the whole... you know... FLYING thing.
4. My christmas/holiday cards are out. Now I'm afraid I forgot people. Awesome.
5. I'm getting sick I fear. My throat is sore. Really sore. I have a tree to buy and decorate on Saturday!!
6. Still have presents to buy and wrap, and yet when?
7. Need to buy all the ingredients for Christmas cookies, make said cookies, wrap and distribute. Oh, and before all THAT I need to figure out WHAT I'm making.
8. Oh, and I have to pack for the trip.
9. The house is barely half decorated.
10. We are hosting TWO family Christmases at our house. This means we need to clean the house.

So want to be able to properly stalk my movements?
Thursday Dec 3 - surgeon appt
Friday Dec 4 - pick up friend WEDDING dress
Saturday Dec 5 - get Christmas tree
Sunday Dec 6 - pack and maybe make cookies
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Dec 7,8,9 - work
Thursday Dec 10 - fly to CO!
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Dec 11, 12, 13, 14 - hang out in CO and try to get together with some friends
Tuesday Dec 15 - fly back from CO
Wednesday Dec 16 - do lots of laundry
Thursday, Friday Dec 17, 18 - work
Saturday Dec 19 - finish shopping/wrapping for Christmas
Sunday Dec 20 - enjoy the day... or most likely clean the house
Monday Tuesday Dec 21, 22 - work
Wednesday Dec 23 - have my arm cut open to remove the pre-skin cancer cancer cells
Thursday Dec 24 - work early and begin food prep, then have immediate family Christmas
Friday Dec 25 - Christmas! Open gifts with Josh, then drive to parent's house
Saturday Dec 26 - Drive back from parent's house in time to make it to FIL side family Christmas
Sunday Dec 27 - Get up early to make food, and then host MIL side of family Christmas
Monday Dec 28 - SLEEP
Tuesday, Wednesday Dec 29, 30 - work
Thursday Dec 31 - New Year's EVE
Friday Jan 1 - Thank God it's the freakin new year and hope it's better than the last one!!

I might update now and then. If not either I'm doing the above things or I'm dead. Weeee!!

*hugs and kisses*


Happy Thanksgiving!

From our house to yours.

We have lots to be thankful for this year.

I am especially thankful for the friends and family who have supported us both in real life and through this blog, email, facebook and good old snail mail.

*hugs and kisses*


Weird medical news

I should be used to it right? Bleh.

This is the SUPER condensed version.

Last Wed, first appointment at new chiro.

He takes some x-rays, then comes in all concerned about the DETAILS of my fundoplication surgery. I tell him, he shows me my x-rays and there is something... abnormal on them.

I already had an appointment with SK on Monday (today) to discuss my flying anxiety so I decided to wait.

Pick up the x-rays at chiro office and head to SK.

She thinks things don't look right either.

Oh and I am SO thankful for the iphone in light of my 45 minute wait to see SK. That story involves an older patient who was having an allergic reaction, but waited all weekend just to go to the doctor office where she proceeded to go into cardiac arrest. AWESOME.

She sends me for MORE x-rays.

Do those.

Results - large hiatal hernia.

Um? BEFORE surgery I had a VERY SMALL almost non-existent hernia. Now it's the size of my fist when it the VERY SMALL hernia was fixed in Feb.

BUT, the radiologist would like to take a look at the original films that I picked up at the chiro's office early this morning. Chiro is old school films, radiologist is all on the computer.

So now tomorrow I have to get up early AGAIN and meet with the radiologist for him to look at the original films.

I have not gotten to sleep in since... last Monday?? OMG, I HATE mornings and this lack of sleeping in is ruining my LIFE.

Not quite, but almost.

Here is the image in question. It's the big perfectly ROUND thing in the middle of my chest.

My theories were:
1. Alien baby (I started watching V) - if this was the case I would make millions which would be awesome. SK even wants to be in a photo if this turns out to be the case. Lol.
2. Worm colony - there was this House episode where this porn star had worms. I ate a worm when I was little. I figured it just had dormant babies.
3. Third boob - since I had the reduction my breasts were angry and were creating a third interior boob to make up for lost tissue.

It looks like it's none of those, but the final diagnosis isn't confirmed yet!

Oh, and I got some Ativan for my flying anxiety.

*hugs and kisses*


My early Christmas present...

is coming tomorrow. My mom is bringing it down. She is visiting as well.

I love when my mom visits.

It's even better when she brings presents like this.

It's the white 16gb 3gs iphone. Refurbed.

Happy one week until Thanksgiving!!

*hugs and kisses*


Christmas Wishlist part II

So some other things I want for Christmas.

We are in DESPERATE need of some new kitchen utensils. We have a super duper cheap set from YEARS ago. I have a canister I like, so just the utensils would be nice. Like these.
Two or three spatula flipper things, a ladle, a slotted spoon, etc etc. There are also some cool Rachel Ray ones at Bed Bath and Beyond (which is where the picture is from) that are blue, but no one can tell Josh if that is what Santa brings me. He hates Rachel Ray. Lol.
I also can always use more spatulas. I like ones like this
See how it is all one piece? I like that because food goo doesn't get stuck in it.

Just to round out the BB&B wants there is this for the master bathroom Sigh. It would look SO good.

And that concludes today's wishlist. More to come?? Maybe

*hugs and kisses*


My Christmas Wishlist (Part 1)

I enjoy shopping for other people, but I have a hard time coming up with a list on demand for myself. Here are some things I would like for anyone shopping for me.

So obviously all those panties in my LAST post. They are all from american eagle and I am a size medium if anyone is interested. :-P

I love christmas socks as well. Snowmen and snowflakes are my FAVORITE because I can pull them off from November all the way through March. I am not a huge santa and his reindeer fan.
These are not too Christmasy
but I LOVE these socks from AE

Christmas/winter decorations are FUN. Here is an example from Target.
and the rest of the "Be Merry" collection.
I love bright colors and the like. DUH, my favorite color is orange.

Hmm... my favorite winter candle is

If all goes well and I end up with an iphone as well I want
which can be found here (or something similar - orange and silicon are the only requirements).
Maybe an itunes gift card to get some apps that aren't free.

What else... hmmm... books. I like books. Either the real deal or gift cards are appropriate.

Gift cards anywhere are nice. Mainly I shop at AE for clothes, target for other stuff, home depot and lowes for house stuff, and well yeah... that's about it.

Oh, and I hate to be a total crazy person but I HATE purple just as an FYI. Orange, green, yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, orange, brown, grey, white, black, orange, etc etc etc... but NO PURPLE.

There are tons of odds and ends things I want, but I'll try to keep a list going and make a part two before Thanksgiving.

Oh gosh, I so do love Christmas.

*hugs and kisses*


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