Photos from My Life Break

February 15-21

Usually my parent's house has snow even when we don't. They are about 2ish hours north of us and in the mountains. This time though they missed BOTH of the big storms that we'd had. So when I got home the ground was mainly bare of all snow. Weird.

Monday night though (my first night there) look what I saw!!
Apparently I brought it with me!

Other notable photos that week. I sent this one to Josh and told him I bought a new hat.
He was not amused. Such a weirdo. Lol.
Mom and I were playing dress up while shopping obviously.

I also found these at Walmart.
They are super yummy and not at all gross like people think. Mainly peanut butter flavored with just a hint of strawberry, everyone I've forced to try them love them. SUPER addictive.

I did try to get a photo of it actually snowing.
But with screens in all the windows it didn't turn out too well.

And here is a photo of Sassy watching the snow and waiting for her two boyfriends to come visit.
They evaded me all week. I think she told them I was mean or something because the evening after I left they showed up. Ugh.

I got home on Friday and we had a party to attend. It was a fondue and game night at our friend's house and it was SO MUCH FUN. Josh was super sleep deprived and it made him absolutely hilarious. Next post will discuss Josh's sleep deprivation. Lol.

Saturday was a lazy day.

Sunday I was back up near my parent's house. Unfortunately, my family couldn't meet me. I had gone up with Kandice to pick up a puppy. Long story, but the puppy is Kandice's new puppy Masi (MAY-cee)'s sister. Did you get all that?

Here is the former Lucy Lou. Her new owner's renamed her.

Kandice and I did get to eat lunch at Wegmans with her parents. Oh I love Wegmans. We also grabbed some premade sushi for when we got home for dinner. And when we stopped at Sheetz I found some coconut M&M's (Can you tell I'm on a chocolate kick lately?? - Easter is around the corner!) that I shared for dessert. Lol.

So that is all for now about that week. Can't wait to tell you what Josh was doing while I was gone!!

*hugs and kisses*

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Shelby said...

Coconut m&m's sound mmm-amazing. :)


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