Still alive.

I promise. Just busy and trying to get all my life into a groove. Unfortunately for my readers, but fortunately for my "real" life, I have been busy and active. The weather has been mostly nice enough to be outside exercising and enjoying it. There has also been lots of work for me as well at the shop, and our house has been grossly neglected on the cleaning end.

When I think I can handle some computer time without letting it get overwhelming I'll come back more regularly. Until then I leave you with this photo from me today. I was "dressing up" a bit for Easter with the in laws.

And here I am driving our BRAND NEW 2010 Mazda 3, 5-door, 6-speed. It is STICK people. I drove it for 30 minutes ish with several stops(lights and signs), merging on a highway, getting off a highway, passing cars and driving on back roads with only ONE problem. I popped the clutch pulling out from a stop sign on a hill. Josh told me he'd give me a B+ overall. WHOA.

I don't really drive stick EVER, so this is a HUGE accomplishment. What better time to learn than when you are 27 and have already been driving for 11 years right??

*hugs and kisses*

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kenpen said...

The car I drove in HS was stick. It was so hard for me to learn. I would drive up and down my parents' driveway to practice not stalling the car. Occasionally I'd yell a curse word that a neighbor would hear.


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