One week. Again.

Sometimes I feel like my entire life is a series of countdowns.

Countdowns until the next birthday, Christmas, a weekend with friends, weddings, anniversaries, a new big purchase, etc, etc.

I am a numbers person, so countdowns make me feel better. Most of the time. The unexciting countdowns just kind of put a damper of things though. First I was counting down until Christmas - yay! Then I counted down until the New Year - yay! Then I counted down until my surgery scheduling doctor appointment - not so yay. I was also counting down until the day AFTER that appointment to have my stitches removed - not so yay, but kind of yay because they were annoying me.

Now is the countdown to my quickly scheduled surgery - hm. Last year this time I was counting down to surgery as well, but that was more exciting.

I am having SUCH a hard time this time around. *kicks rocks*

I guess I can look at the bright side and say that for about two weeks post surgery I will be enjoying myself watching TV, reading books and interneting since I am couch bound per the doctors orders. DOCTORS ORDERS. I am not being lazy, I am just sticking to my New Year resolutions.

Maybe the new year IS bringing good things. *smirks*

*hugs and kisses*

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Miss Staub said...

It was great seeing you guys yesterday! I love how you will be fulfilling your New Year's resolution starting next Friday. Since you are couchbound, maybe we shall stop over for a visit when you're feeling up to it! If I don't see you before, good luck and take it easy.


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