A Chilly Start to September

The temperatures took a nose dive at the start of the week. Last week I was in shorts and tank tops "glistening" - bwahahah, who am I kidding?? I SWEAT! This week I'm in jeans and light sweaters shivering.

My favorite part of slightly cooler weather though is Josh letting us keep the windows open! Oh how I love the smell of fresh air circulating through the house. It's so crisp and refreshing. That is where my love of cooler weather used to end.

Because then morning hits. I can NOT get out of bed when we have the windows open. It's so cool in the bedroom and so warm and snuggly in our bed. Only when the need to pee outweighs the snuggle factor can I force myself out of bed.

This morning was no different. I layed there for at least 30 minutes just enjoying the snuggly warmth of the bed and the cool breeze on my face. When I got downstairs I heard the kids at the daycare down the road yelling and laughing. It put a huge smile on my face.

Something is not right though. Warm summer mornings and HOT summer days used to put the smile on my face. I used to GREATLY anticipate the hottest weather of the year. For some reason this summer did nothing to lift my spirits. Nothing.

And yet today, when it's slightly chilly, I feel good. Really good. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?? My theory is when I went in for one of the two surgeries Josh paid off the surgeon to do something to alter my love of hot weather to a love of cooler weather. Other than that I am just a freak of nature.

BUT, I do anticipate one thing around this time every year...

HALLOWEEN, PUMPKINS and indulging my obsession with ORANGE!!
Halloween Decorations in Living Room 2008
My PumpkinJosh's Pumpkin

*hugs and kisses*

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