Yay! One hundred... and one.

At least I was able to make a full circle on posts. I started this blog as a means of discussing my medical history, surgeries and what was coming up.

And it just so happened that my 100th post was about the medical community! Maybe not a good post about them though... but let's be honest. When in life is anything every 100% perfect? Besides me of course.

I have to confess though. For the past like FIFTEEN posts I keep thinking "hmmm, I can't wait until post 100 and I'll do something cool." Then like when I saw I only had 7 left I was like "sweet! Only 7 more!" And I did this up until like 3 posts left.

Somehow I then missed the fact that I posted 3 times. Oops. Ummm, duh. Lol. So maybe I'm not 100% perfect. Only maybe 99%.

I'll make a post about this past weekend soooooooon. I promise.

Right now I'm off to ZUMBA!! The new session starts tonight. And then I have to miss the next two days of it (we'll be at the BEACH). Oh well.

And I just wanted to say hi to C.B. and J.K. who I found out both read my blog often. I did say TMI in that one post!!

*hugs and kisses*

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