A Quick Review

So TWO Sundays ago (September 13th) is where we will begin.

Josh had a bike race

Our college friends Nina and Greg came (and brought their dog Casey!)
They watched the race, got accosted by the local HOCKEY (???) mascot, and then we all had lunch.

Immediately after our late lunch we headed off to the beach for a week. All I have to say is eh.

A few highlights though.

Josh looks like he may have almost master skim boarding.
*I* actually played in the water!! Whoa. This was like the ocean kiddie pool. There was a wide sandbar that the waves broke on and then the ocean just filled the area between the sand bar and the beach with little baby waves.
Josh got his freshly uncasked (at 4:30pm) punkin ale (at 4:30pm) straight from the source! We were the only people on the outside deck at Dogfish Head.
Ummm... I just liked this picture and wanted another photo of me.

And finally... on Friday September 18 our friend's Jason and Kandice got ENGAGED!
Here is a photo I took of the beautiful ring that I took for the bride-to-be.

*hugs and kisses*

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