Excellent Health Update!

Last Thursday I went in for blood work as a follow up to my AWESOME cholesterol levels.
This time(ish) last year I had blood work.
My total cholesterol was 363. Normal according to my paperwork is <200
Borderline high is 200-239
High is >/= 240
My LDL (that's the bad stuff) was 289. Normal is <130
Borderline high risk is 130-159
High risk is >/= 160
HDL (the good stuff) was 53. It should be between 35-75. Yay! I win on that one!
Triglycerides were 106. The range is 20-150. Another win!

Moderate risk >5.17
High risk >6.39
Mine was 6.85. Ouch

For MALES (just in case I have some reading and interested)
Moderate risk >6.09
High risk >7.30

Basically that is a lot of numbers indicating one thing. That was BAD news. Now, I understand a lot of people don't put much stock in high cholesterol numbers. There are a lot more factors that go into determining whether or not "high cholesterol" really means an increased chance for heart disease. And a lot of those people do not have numbers that are almost double or triple the recommended numbers.

I understand the concerns with taking drugs to try to "fix" something that may or may not be broken is not what some people would do. But here is why *I* do it.

Because I can. Seriously. I have these tools at my disposal that may or may not make a difference in my future health. If I were to find out that I did not use something that was available to me that could prevent future problems I think it would bother me. No, I know it would bother me.

Yes I am placing a lot of faith in science, pharmaceutical companies, researchers and doctors. I'm not very into conspiracy theories. Sorry.

So back to ME.

Blood work. Last Thursday. Results today.


Total Cholesterol - 308!

LDL - 229!

HDL - 55!

Ratio - 5.70!

Triglycerides - 124 (I like carbs. Sue me.)

How did I get here?
Yep. That big bottle (of 180 tablets for those reading it) lasts ONE MONTH. You take SIX per day. This is how large they are.
Okay that isn't ACTUAL size. But break out your meter stick and check it out. They are NOT small.

So six of those a day for 6 months (I didn't start taking them religiously until April after my breast reduction surgery) and you can see where I'm at. I would love to get under 300 total, but we'll see what happens.

Now, according to SK (and I know she's right), if I were on Lipitor (or another statin) I would most likely be well under that 300 mark. But I will not take Lipitor.

That's for another post.

But on other good news quickly (we're watching a movie)...

My glucose levels are also down (102 --> 88).

Just a tad bit of bad news. My ex beauty mark area that is now a HOLE in my back is slightly infected. It's super painful and red around the edges. If it gets worse I have to make a phone call on Monday to get some antibiotics. Ugh.

Two out of three ain't bad.

*hugs and kisses*

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