So now for the bad health news update...

My beauty mark was sliced off. I was told that no news is good news if I didn't hear anything in a week. So Tuesday came and went with no news and all was well.

Yesterday was WEDNESDAY and I got a phone call from Derm Associates. I was informed that large beauty mark was JUST.A.MOLE. Yay! Then she says "but the other one we removed..." Now the next few seconds about a million things went whizzing around my brain. She could have said both moles were okay. She could have not used the phrase "BUT the other one." She could have finished the sentence with "... was JUST.A.MOLE. too." Yeah no.

She finished the sentence with something about the mole being aplastic (or dysplastic? or OMG YOUR MOLE HAS ISSUES AND NEEDS TO BE CUT OUT WITH A SHARP INSTRUMENT THAT WILL HURT FOR DAYS AFTER AND REQUIRE STITCHES). Oh wait, she mentioned the bolded part later while scheduling my next appointment. December 9th I get sliced and diced again. Seriously?

See here is the thing, for some reason I can handle large scale invasive surgery. Like rearranging my digestive system. Or cutting out large sections of super sensitive breast and nipple tissue and stitching the whole thing back together smaller and perkier. But a cut, a sore throat, a bruise and all holy hell breaks loose in our house and I become a complete whining baby.

Poor Josh. Poor me. At least it isn't cancer right?

*hugs and kisses*

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