Tonight is my first of three advanced digital photography classes. I'm excited but apprehensive. I had a dream that I got there and it was all *ahem* older students. They kept asking questions like "how do I turn this on again?" "where is the push button to make it go?" "oops, I turned it off, where is the on button again?" for the whole two hours and I left in tears. Let's hope THAT dream doesn't come true.

I obviously know how to use a camera, but I want to be able to use it better and take more interesting photographs.

I did take this fun picture this weekend. It looks slightly better in black and white. I think I may actually print this and frame it.
I also took this picture of my mommy. Her birthday is Columbus day, but I was home celebrating with the rest of the family this weekend. She's so pretty. :-)

Wish me luck tonight!
*hugs and kisses*

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