More slicing and dicing.

So I FINALLY made a dermatologist appointment. I've needed to make this for like 10 years now. Whatever. Actually I made the appointment back in... oh... MAY. It was yesterday. Dermatologists around here are hard to come by.

Let me take that back, GOOD dermatologists around here are hard to come by. In fact, my GP's office suggested I take my moldy body all the way to Lancaster (a whole 30 minute drive!) to see the derm office over there. So off I went yesterday to Dermatology Associates of Lancaster.

The office ladies were super nice and helpful. The waiting room was clean and well maintained too. And full of old people. I was the youngest person in there by... 40 years or more. Ha.

Why did I do all this? Well because of the photo below.

See that? That's my beauty mark. Cindy and Marilyn may have rocked them on their faces, but mine was shyer and ended up on my back. It used to be large and flat and happy. I liked it. It added character to the vast barren landscape of my back.

And just so you know I did not take this picture just to show off my mark. This photo is a cropped photo of my super sun burnt back at the beginning of summer. I'm not a complete photo taking freak. I didn't even take a picture of the cool owl necklace I wore yesterday that everyone complimented me on. (Yet. *hrmph*)

So back to my mole (who am I kidding calling it a beauty mark?). It was big and flat for YEARS and then two years ago it raised up. One theory of mine was that it felt like my ever expanding chest was in competition and felt it had to do SOMETHING so it grew too. OR, my body felt it necessary to balance me out. Hmmmm, who knows.

I assumed I would go yesterday they would look at everything, say all was well, MAYBE discuss removing my friend in the future and all would be well.

Ummm... she took one look at it and said "that's coming off today." Huh what? Like, ummmm, okay. I guess. Now I do not like to show fear to doctors (weird right?) so while my whole "huh what?" was going through my brain my mouth was all "yeah sure awesome! no problem! what pinch? Oh look at that lump of mole you just cut off and placed in that jar!" Ugh. She took one off my arm too.

She is considering removing the one on the bottom of my foot as well. Apparently bottom of foot moles have a higher rate of skin cancer? Weird.

I should hear in a week.

And wouldn't you know it that the nurse (who totally saw me all but naked in just a tiny bra and tinier panties) is the sister of one of Josh's teammates. I was in LANCASTER people!! And somehow I ran into someone who knows someone I know. Hi nurse!

I'll keep you all updated on my moldy outcome.

I see SK on Friday for a general wellness checkup.

*hugs and kisses*

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