Three year anniversary recap...

Wednesday evening Josh took me to Left Bank for dinner. OMG so yum! We got
Crispy spicy Ahi Tuna Spring Rolls, wakame seaweed & firecracker drizzle
for an appetizer
Bikini Tiniketel 1 citroen, svedka vanilla, coconut rum, finlandia mango vodka, midori, banana liquer, pineapple
Mochatinisvedka vanilla, godiva, baileys, frangelico, espresso, chocolate syrup
for drinks ( I got the Bikini Tini - duh! ).

Dinner for me was the
Maine Lobster , crab, shrimp, scallops, clams, potato, sweet peas, carrots in herb
which was as good (maybe better) than it sounds.
Josh got the
baked sweet corn & risotto pudding, skillet matchstick vegetables & jus
which was good... but even he admitted it wasn't as good as mine (which he helped finish).
His baked sweet corn and risotto pudding was off. Not sure what it was (as I am not a huge foodie) but it just... I don't know.

And since it was our anniversary we HAD to get something for dessert so we tried a
Vanilla Creme Brulee with Local Black Raspberries, seasonal fruit and sugar cooki
which was delectable.

I have pictures of nothing (we took a few pictures before but then I didn't grab the camera), but this place is fantastic. It has tons of book shelves filled with hard back books and they even bring your bill out tucked into a book!! I looked at the book title to remember for this post and... well yeah. Whatever. It was just one of those things. Lol.

When we left it was storming so bad I had to slip my shoes off to run for the car!! I know, classy right?

Who would have guessed it would be so bad since when we left it looked like this??
It was so bright we couldn't keep our eyes open (you like the squinting right? haha.)
This was the first picture that went
Melissa: "how does this remote work?"
Josh: "you have to point it at the camera. Didn't you read the instructions I got for you?" Melissa: "Shut it. Well I didn't know THAT part."
Josh: "Did you read the instructions?"
Melissa: " What are you talking ab *click*"

And yes I look tall here too. I had my heels on. But when I got frustrated I took them off (I have no idea why) which is why the second picture (that is actually first here) I am shorter.

Ohhh... and before dinner I got some FLOWERS and a card. The flowers are so pretty.
And the card is well...
Yes yes, it is kind of funny. No presents this year as we have a project we are working on for the house...

But back to our fun night.
After dinner we came back and I had Josh snap some shots of me in my cutie patootie dress. I got it for a rehearsal dinner on Friday, but had to wear it since it was our WEDDING colors. I am a HUGE dork. I know.
I wore three of these bad boys
in my hair on our wedding day. For how much they cost,
I try to wear them on special occasions.
Wait just one minute... I had something fun to show you...

It's my wedding dress!!
I couldn't do THIS before without flashing
the whole crowd. Yay for new boobies!
Full length picture
And YES it laced up the back still.
Josh just got tired of lacing
after try two (the ribbon was all wonky the first try) so
he only did every other one.

And one final shot...
I can't even MAKE the cleavage I used to have. Yaaaaayyyyy!!

Overall a great anniversary.

Tomorrow's post will be titled "Why would one do renovations on a NEW HOUSE?!? Idiots"
That's all about us and our first major house project. Lol.

*hugs and kisses*

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