What things have I missed blogging about recently??

There are a couple of problems with me blogging. Well at least when you're entire blog is just an ongoing self-centered dialog of one person's relatively uneventful and monotonous life. See my blog STARTED as an informative blog about my upcoming surgeries with lots of detail, my experiences etc. I did throw in some personal non-related stories - but mostly it was useful. Now... not so much.

The Problems:

*Does anyone even read this thing? I mean I guess I could consider it a journal and just be okay that *I* can look back and remember the fun things I've done. BUT there is some comfort knowing that others appreciate my narcissistic self proclamations and stories.

*Even if they read it, do they care? When I was younger I wanted to be famous. I thought I was special. I wanted to be a writer, an entertainer. Not really an actress/singer/model fame - but a fame because of me fame. I find myself amusing and insightful. I enjoy writing and talking (I may be a bit of a loudmouth). I read other bloggers who have become famous and I admire them so much. I thought I had that charisma. I am starting to think it's just me who thinks that.

So to my few blog followers. Leave me a message. Even if it is just to say "hi." Help feed my narcissistic self please. Kthanksloveyou!!

Some things I've missed and not blogged about. Not going to do it now either really... but here are some links with pictures.

Two weeks ago today on July 11, 2009 Josh's sister got married. Here is her rehearsal from that Friday night. And then here are the wedding pictures and the reception pictures. Taking wedding photos is HARD to do. I don't have another wedding for a while to practice with, but hopefully I'll start figuring out how to use this camera. *sigh*

What else have I missed?

Well - my grandparents anniversary (july 9), my parents anniversary (july 18), and Josh's littlest sister's 9th birthday (july 14) - which we celebrated at his middle sister's wedding on the 11th.

Ummmm... lots of dinners at Jason and Kandice's new house. Wings with friends. Tuesday night Zumba classes.

Oh, and my final appointment with the plastic surgeon until April 20TEN. Lol. It seems so far away. He said all looks well, blah blah blah. Mammogram next April. Ugh. And unless I have questions or issues, he'll see me then. It seems so weird that pre-surgery this was such a big deal. And although it's still a big deal (I still sometimes find clothes I used to wear that I haven't since and it's like "whoa") it doesn't even really feel like I had surgery. I mean I recovered so quickly with such little pain... I expected more pain as a reminder. Nope.

Although - there is a little pain currently. My boobs are sore. But more like period sore than any other pain. So that's excellent.

Okay, off to get ready for a bike race today. Wish Josh luck!!

*hugs and kisses*


Gem said...

I completely agree with your thoughts. Sometimes I don't want to update my blog either because it all seems to self-centered, but then again, that's the purpose of a blog!

I definitely keep up with yours through Google Reader and find it interesting to hear about your life (as stalkerish as that sounds). And you are a good writer, I wouldn't still be reading if it had tons of grammar/spelling mistakes because that drives me NUTS! :-)

Anonymous said...

i love ready your blog.. please dont go... and show us your new floor.. im dying to see what it looks like, after the mishaps..heheh


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