I managed another good picture!!

It wasn't of Josh... but oh well.
This is Andy, one of Josh's teammates/coworkers at the bike shop.

Here are more pictures from the race on Saturday.

And since he is my husband and all... here are two pictures of him from Saturday too. :-P

This is Josh off the front (WAY off the front) on the first lap.
And here is one of those blurry background pictures.
Not as good as the one of Andy though.

It was a HOT day (the first one of those we've really had this summer) and things were all out of whack. Josh got some pretty bad overheating and DNF'd. He actually ended up sick all the rest of the day. Stupid weather.

That's my only update currently.

I do appreciate all the messages, emails, comments and chats I've had with everyone who is still reading my blog and likes it. :-) Thanks for stoking my ridiculously narcissistic ego. It needed it.

*hugs and kisses*

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