No Babies!! (includes some TMI) Part I

I like babies. And sometimes toddlers. Almost always kids. Occasionally teenagers.

They can be interesting, fun, enlightening and wonderful.

They are also moody, bratty, needy, life changing, money pits. Lol.

I enjoy them in small doses. I enjoy them more when I can give them back.

All this is not only true of myself, but the husband is also on this same wavelength. We like this wavelength and would like to continue riding this out for another couple of years.

I've done the hormonal birth control thing for YEARS. YEARS AND YEARS. Ugh. I started taking hormonal birth control in middle school. Not because I was sexually active, but to control my horribly bad periods/cramps/mood swings. After a while it was due to sexual activity and after that it was just because it was what I did. About three years ago I switched to the Nuvaring because it seemed so much easier to remember to pop a ring in my vagina once a month and then take it out once a month.

But after telling everyone about the great advantages of this handy little ring (which turned a few friends onto this circle of fun) I had grown tired of it. It still works fantastic and was oh so reliable. I had no complications or issues. Well besides my own issue of... after not having it in for surgeries I kept FORGETTING to put the stupid thing back in. So one month of "oops, I forgot honey. We have to be careful this month!" wasn't too bad. Month two of "oops, forgot again!" was annoying. Month three I was like "OMG I FREAKIN FORGOT AGAIN! DAMMIT!!"

So I saw my trusted fantastic health professional for my yearly pap and mentioned my dingbattedness and what we could do to resolve it. I ashamedly asked about an IUD because Sharon really sold me on the Ring and I do still love it, but I needed to move on. Kids aren't in any near future and I needed a more permanent birth control and possibly something without hormones.

She was receptive and sent me off to find on OB/Gyn in the area that did IUD insertions on women who had never been pregnant/had babies. White Rose OB/GYN on Market Street in York was that place for me.

I was convinced I wanted to do the non-hormonal Paragard vs. the hormonal Mirena. Why? I have plenty enough hormones for EVERYONE. Lol. And these past few hormone less and birth control less months have proven to me I am okay without it. My periods are still disgustingly regular and SHORT (two days - MAX).

So after extra hormones for about 15 years, it was time for a break.

I went in for my initial consultation after a lot of research and consideration on my own. The doctor asked some basic questions (smoker, drinker, multiple partners, etc), did a culture for gonorrhea and chlamydia (these infections can lead to the IUD causing scarring and eventual sterility), said it would be ordered, and told me to call them the first day of my next period.

Why? They do the insertions on non-baby producers during their period so that the cervix is more open for the insertion. Maybe they do it on baby producers, but that was what he told me.

I'll do the insertion discussion tomorrow. I'm exhausted from today. Bet you can't wait for THOSE details huh?

*hugs and kisses*

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Gem said...

I'm so jealous! Still haven't found a doctor near me (that takes my insurance) who is willing. :-( I'll be interested to see how it goes for you, good luck!


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