Three years ago today...

we were getting MARRIED!! That was fun. :-P

No seriously, we had an awesomely good day. Check out my last minute highlights that I chose today (my favorites change all the time... lol). My mom and I got our hair done.
I hung out with Meme a little bit.
"It's this big..."
"Lol... okay you're right..." (Sorry Josh)
Then Ian and I hung out for a little brother/sister bonding time.

Honestly I have NO pictures of Josh getting ready. We only had one photographer and she was hanging out with me. Sorry sweetie. Love you. :-D

Next I had to put on my face ,
Put mom in her dress,
And after getting my dress on put on the garter.

Here is a picture of my BFF D! and I pre wedding. She was a HUGE help throughout the whole wedding process. She lives FAR away (well at least a couple hours), but came down for my bridal shower and even a couple days before the wedding to help us get everything ready. The morning of she helped feed me and keep me hydrated, entertained and nodded her head often when I kept asking if I looked pretty. Love you D! !

It was finally time to walk down the aisle,
And meet up with the husband.
I got my ring.
Struggled to get his on (I thought we were going to have to break out the WD-40...)
And here we are kissing as a newly married couple!

(Behind us you can see Darin, our officiant. He was Josh's youth pastor. He and his wife Kelly drove ALL the way for IL to do this. It was really special having them there and I know it meant a lot to Josh. And me! Thanks guys!!)

Here we are walking away from the ceremony.

We then hugged some family
And friends.

Took some pictures.
Made our way from pictures to reception.
Got announced at the reception.
Was thankful someone put the sunglasses on our table.

Ate a little dinner (with bib)
Smashed a little cake (Trashy? Maybe. Fun? Definitely.)
Danced a little.
Enjoyed our family...
And our friends...
Showing off the ring!

Enjoying each other day...
And night...

Thanks for checking out my tribute to our day. More pictures can be found here.
And you can see full size of all of these just by clicking the pictures. Enjoy!!

*hugs and kisses*

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