Carry over to Monday...

I'm still basking in our fabulous Sunday. More pictures. Yes I know it looks like Josh is peeing sunset into the water pump. Lol. That was intentional.
The last post water pump photo was Josh's. This is my take on it. I like mine better.
Kinda looks like a mini/short stonehenge. Not really.
I am laying with my head north. See?

Awww... good picture of me husband!
A quote which I don't remember. Lol.
Mason Dixon Trail.
Pretty sunset.
I caught the moon peeking over this flower.
The clouds were phenomenally pretty.
Some pictures of the husband in different lighting and settings.

Sunset, us in sunset (what odd faces on both of us) and then the final picture.

After this we went to Mack's Ice Cream outside of Hellam. I got fresh CANTALOUPE ice cream (and oreo). Josh got fresh PEACH ice cream. I can't even describe how amazingly delicious these were. I think I may need to go back for a pint of that cantaloupe. It's my favorite fruit!

Just remember to bring cash if you hit up Mack's!

*hugs and kisses*

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