No Babies Part II (How to Insert an IUD TMIness)

Insertion day was kind of nerve wracking. I'd read some things that the post insertion cramps were fairly uncomfortable. Ick. I had to run to BWI airport post insertion (like immediately post) to pick up my mom and brother from the airport. I'll make a separate post about that... maybe.

So I get to the doctor's office, check in and wait.

They take me back to the room rather quickly, but then I waited in that room for what felt like FOREVER. I think it was made worse by my nerves... and the fact that I was naked from the waist down sitting on the table staring at the rather large gleaming instruments next to me I assumed were somehow going to make their way into my vagina and I just didn't feel like we had been properly introduced.


The doctor finally came in and introduced me to my new little friends. There was the speculum (we've been introduced many times before, but still were not friends - at all) and some of speculum's invasive friends. Included in the line up were cervix clamp (wtf??) and the uterus measuring tool. You can google those images if you want.

And for your own curiosity, my uterus tilts the correct way and is 7. I don't know what 7 means, but apparently that's fine. At some point I did apologize to the doctor for bleeding all over him, but he just laughed and said "I deliver babies for a living. You don't want to know what disgusting bodily fluids I deal with." Good answer guy with his hands in my vagina.

Okay, let's get serious. First the speculum went in. Then my cervix was clamped. He said this may pinch, but I never felt anything. When he measured my uterus he told me it would cause cramping for a second. Oh, yep. I also felt the little tool touching the top of my uterus. That was WEIRD. I've never had something IN my uterus before, so that was one of those slightly odd feelings. As soon as it was out though, the cramping went away.

Dr. Mark then prepped the IUD and went about getting it in place.

Yep. I included pictures.

So once it's all in place this is what it will look like.

The threads were trimmed and I was sent on my way. I have a check up in a month and I need it removed before August of 2019. Lol.

So the cramps thing? They weren't kidding. Holy super pain although, I've had cramps much worse than this. I took some Tylenol, had heat on my lower back and I was fine for the most part.

I will admit, either from the cramping or the nerves I slept ALL that afternoon (after my two hour car ride and then a late lunch with Mom and Ian)/evening/and night.

So it's now Saturday which is two days post insertion and I feel fine. I went to work yesterday and out shopping last evening. All is well!!

If I remember I'll do a little one month update to let you all know how my new little implant is working out. For now my vagina, uterus and I thank you for reading.

*hugs and kisses*

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