On June 28, 1983 a cute little boy was the first born to his mom and dad.

He led an interesting childhood including speaking with a British accent (no one knows why), "flying" model airplanes (well that one time - and the pieces are currently in our basement), racing at a velodrome (hello titanium plate in shoulder)... and I could go on.

After high school graduation he went to college. While there he started playing rugby, and working in the IT department. His sophomore year he met a wonderful girl *ahem* and they went on to form a fast friendship, then a relationship, then an engagement and now they are married. Awwww...

So now it's 2009 and our cute British speaking boy is all grown up (sort of) with a mortgage, a road and mountain bike racing career, a great job, and all the other fun grown up stuff.

He's a wonderful husband, a fantastic friend, a great brother (and brother-in-law) and a son that could make any parent proud.

I love you Josh! I hope you and your new bike boxer shorts have a great day. :-P

Pedal fast, take chances (as long as they are safe ones - I am his wife you know) and keep rubber side down.

We'll be at a bike race today!!

(Taken 5.29.09)

*hugs and kisses*

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