February 11, 2010 Dr. P Follow up

More playing catch up!

Thoughts still all over the place.

Thursday February 11th I had my one month follow up with Dr. P. It went ok. Basically I have to lose weight or at least maintain what I have, but be more active. Supposedly I will be in pain for a while and I just have to work through it. If I don't do something because it is painful, I'll just keep moving backwards and not forwards. (Glad I'd already seen SK who helped me out with the pain issue. She really is my FAVORITE doctor EVER!!)

They also couldn't schedule my follow up 3 month CAT scan because of the snow the two days before. I did get a phone call the following Monday that my CAT scan will be Monday April 5th. Super. Can't wait. Metallic taste and feeling like I am peeing myself. Awesome right?

Then another follow up with Dr. P after that. If they don't see anything then I'll have another follow up CAT scan 3 months from the first one. Thank you insurance. Thank you a whole lot. I am awfully expensive!

Here are a few photos of the doctor's office parking lot.

*hugs and kisses*

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