Valetine's Day 2009 and a day 12 post op update!

I started Valentine's day in the hospital. I've already discussed all that.

It wasn't until I got home that my "real" Valentine's Day started. There were flowers on our coffee table. Josh had gone out and gotten me orange roses. My mom had asked him to get some gerbera daisies for me too. It is a beautiful little arrangement huh? *smile*
The next picture shows the card Josh got me with my flowers.

The funny thing is the next picture shows the card I got him in the foreground of the picture and Josh's card in the background. Is it weird how 6 years later and we have REALLY started to think alike.
This was the inside of Josh's card. Mine showed a bed. Even what we each wrote was similar. Lol.

So when we got home, I had given Josh his card and a cute Toblerone "rose" I found at Target. Mmmmm... chocolate. I had also gotten my mom a pack of nail files. It's a somewhat funny/sweet gift, but there is a long story behind it, so I'll just say she liked them.

Mom made me the first of many jello's while Josh made the run to Target to pick up my pain medication. By the time he had gotten back I had taken my first shower. It was amazing to get the hospital feel off me. Mom left not too long after that so I could just sleep and recuperate. And sleep I did. I wasn't able to sleep in bed since I still needed to sit up so the couch it was.

That first day home wasn't too bad. I wasn't supposed to be walking stairs, but since the living room is on the middle floor and the bathroom is on the top floor, I had to do some stairs. Those first hours were a lot of peeing and a lot of.... well... diarrhea. The stuff they had me swallow for the upper GI causes a lot of that. So does the fact they irritated my vagus nerve. So double whammy.


So yeah, that's all that happened surgery wise. It was relatively uneventful (not that you would know with how much I typed!).

Now on to the DAY 12 UPDATE

I was thankful to have so much support during all this. It will be two weeks on Friday and I am really seriously feeling almost like myself again. Now if I could just get the one incision to heal up that would be AWESOME.

As you can see in this picture, my top incision looks good. The scab came off last night. The middle one's scab came off two days ago and that one is also looking good. My big one is almost definitely going to leave a scar and a dent, but I'm perfectly okay with that, the one all the way to the right in the picture still has a scab, but it will probably come off soon. The only issue is my Strawberry Shortcake one.

Dr. Prats nurse had to put another strip of steri tape on it after the exam because it was still seeping. I was supposed to take it off after 2-3 days. When I took it off last night, yep, still wide open and seeping, so Josh put a butterfly on it and we covered it all with the bandaid. Hopefully it heals soon because it's the only thing left really hurting.

Another thing that hurts is when I overeat. I've only done it once, but NEVER again. Last night Josh had made me a shake for dinner. Nothing extravagant, but I was super hungry and not thinking. I drank the WHOLE shake in about 15 mins. Not good. I could actually feel it irritating my internals and it HURT. BAD girl! I can consume about 8-10 oz over a 30-45 min period. That is my limit right now.

Two quick things and then I have to do some other stuff.

1. I am going to back update a post with pictures. I finally got around to getting them off the camera and I want to show everyone the cool plate and bowl Amanda and Dave brought over. I also forgot that I got some flowers delivered that day, so I took some pictures and will put them up too!

2. I have an internet friend named Rachel who is going in for a biopsy tomorrow. She needs a lot of good thoughts sent her way. She has been super supportive of me and I want to make sure she gets lots of support back. (edited: she's actually now going in for surgery - so she needs even MORE good thoughts)

Okay, well have a good day everyone!

*hugs and kisses*

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