The second large snowstorm of 2010

This storm didn't start so late. The first snow flakes started around 3:30-4PM on Tuesday Feb 9, 2010.
This was taken at 5:30PM. Yeah... lots of snow already.
This next photo was taken for Josh.
This is an NSX. It was all OVER the road.
Do NOT drive a car like this in the snow if A. you aren't familiar with driving this in this type of weather and B. if it's snowing. Lol.

On the other hand we were out in it too...
This was 83. Kind of a mess. Thank goodness for our subaru AWD!
Another shot of 83. It was pretty dead on our side. Going the other way it was lots of traffic.
Why were we out though?? So Josh could go snowboarding at Roundtop! Lol. I can't ski or board due to my stupid surgery thing... BUT I play an amazing lodge bunny. You should see me!

These next few pictures are what happened when we got home from Roundtop. It took forever in the car to get there and back. Everyone else got plenty of snow play time. Suddenly I felt the urge.
"Josh, grab the camera. Yes the camera. TAKE A PICTURE OF ME IN THE SNOW"
"tee hee hee I am making a SNOW angel!!"
"Look at my cold wet butt! It's cold... and WET!!"
My masterpiece snow angel -->
Doing this made me so happy and excited. I can't describe how good it feels to feel NORMAL and not want to sulk on the couch and cry all the time. So anyways...

I took this photo on the morning of the 10th. It was STILL coming down.
Looking out back.
The black at the bottom of this photo is the bottom of the sliding glass doors.
They are 18" off the ground. The mound of snow was well over that.
More of the backyard.
Buried suby... again. Poor Josh keeps having to dig out the car!
Obviously you can't tell from this photo, but the plow truck was stuck. Really stuck. Over 20 minutes it took him to get himself unstuck. Ugh.
This was all the better the road looked when he was done.

I also want to note I am taking more photos again. YAY!

This is a good thing obviously.

*hugs and kisses*

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