Oh November...

I don't love you as much as October. October brings my family's birthdays (Pap AND Mom), in college it brought fall break (time to visit with said family), it brought falling leaves and most importantly it brought HALLOWEEN. Orange and black and ghosts and orange and pumpkins and orange and candy. I get to dress up, make a fool out of myself and wear crazy underwear that glows in the dark.

This year October was busier than usual, but just as great. It ended with a surprise whirlwind of activities.

Originally I wasn't sure if anything was going to happen. Things kind of kept falling through, but the week before the nothing happened everything happened. We made trick or treating plans with our little friend Fia. There was a Halloween party invitation. THEN last minute my Mikey called and asked if him and Amie (and a friend) could come up and spend Halloween with us.

[I will blog about all THIS in my very next post.]

That was fine, BUT we already had plans to drive to Newark, DE for Josh and Jason to go mountain biking at White Clay while I visited a very good friend in the hospital.

I've never met this friend before though. Strange as that sounds. We met on a chat board and bonded. She is such a strong positive girl. Unfortunately life has been handing her lemon after lemon. Michelle's blog is here. Check it out when you get a minute and give her some much needed encouragement.

We spent about two hours together talking about our mutual chat board and about life in general. She's transferring to Georgetown soon so she'll actually be further away, BUT I have friends down that way so I may be able to make a two for one stop soon. It would totally be worth it to see her again.

Now, I have to tell you a funny story about how I first "met" Michelle at the hospital. I got to the hospital and tried to get in. Door one - nope. Although it said "Temporary Main Entrance" it was locked. Uh huh. ER doors? Nope, the ER is temporary and you can't access the main hospital from there. Finally ALL the way on the OTHER side of the building is the "Main Entrance." Ugh.

Walk in the lobby and there are signs EVERYWHERE "Please check in at the visitors desk to obtain a visitors pass." I walk up to visitors desk and the lady asks "May I help you?"
"Yes, I am visiting a friend."
"She is on the 6th floor?"
"Do you need her room number?"
"No... I was getting a visitors pass."
"Oh, you don't need one! Just go on up."

Okay then. WHY are there all those signs??

So up the elevators I go. The 6th floor has a bunch of offices when you step off the elevator. Not what I was expecting. Now I was on the hunt to find the patient rooms. Five turns (and one back track) later and I made it. I find her room and she isn't there! Lol. Her FI was, but he was sleeping. I felt bad but I had driven all the way there...

I had to wake him up. Poor guy. He told me Michelle was at PT and he had no idea when she would be back. Okay then. Off to the gift shop I go. I am walking down the hall out of her room and I see a young woman in a wheelchair. Then I notice a little bit of pink and orange bra sticking out. It's Michelle! I bought her that bra!! Lololol.

Yes I noticed her because of her bra. Only I would find a friend due to what undergarments are encasing her breasts.

I was super happy to visit my friend and super sad to leave her. The stay seemed WAY too short so I am hoping to make it to visit her again very soon.

After leaving her I went to pick up the boys.

Here is what I came back to

Ew and ugh. At least the foliage was pretty...

The ride home not so pretty. This is what I rode next too. It smells worse than it looks.
And that was the end of the first half of my Halloween day.


*hugs and kisses*

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