Christmas is coming!

In only 45 days. Yikes! Although I try to hold off my Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving, I DID get out all my Christmas shirts, comfy pants, socks and... panties. Some of these are just winter items with snowflakes, snowmen (and snowwomen) and the like.

Regardless I counted as I washed them. When I got to 11 pairs of socks and 12 pairs of panties... I gave up.

Ummm... yeah. I am already scoping out these
Click for larger product viewfor this year. Lol. Click for larger product view Oh and these. And maybe these. Click for larger product viewOh and I love these trees!! Click for larger product view There may be more.

Oh I have issues. Lots and lots of issues. This issue is just one little one. Maybe all those years of old lady bras to fit the girls relegated me to overindulging the cuteness that graced my behind.

FYI we leave for CO in 30 days. OMG. I have to pack my snowflake panties!!

*hugs and kisses*

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