Christmas Wishlist part II

So some other things I want for Christmas.

We are in DESPERATE need of some new kitchen utensils. We have a super duper cheap set from YEARS ago. I have a canister I like, so just the utensils would be nice. Like these.
Two or three spatula flipper things, a ladle, a slotted spoon, etc etc. There are also some cool Rachel Ray ones at Bed Bath and Beyond (which is where the picture is from) that are blue, but no one can tell Josh if that is what Santa brings me. He hates Rachel Ray. Lol.
I also can always use more spatulas. I like ones like this
See how it is all one piece? I like that because food goo doesn't get stuck in it.

Just to round out the BB&B wants there is this for the master bathroom Sigh. It would look SO good.

And that concludes today's wishlist. More to come?? Maybe

*hugs and kisses*

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