I have a rant/vent

And I am sure it is going to sound ridiculous, but here goes.

Last night I watched a TV show I'd never seen before. It was the latest episode of Two and a Half Men that my friend had DVR'd. For those interested it was Season 7 Episode 6 "Give me your thumbs"

Friend was like "it's about breast reduction wanna watch?" And I'm like "oooohh, yeah" because 1. I had one of those 2. I'm obsessed with boobs anyway 3. Plastic surgery (of all kinds) fascinates me and I was wondering how a character on a show would pull off a transformation if they didn't do it in real life 4. I'm obsessed with boobs anyway.

I realize 2 and 4 are the same. I'm just stating facts here.

We kind of picked up mid show and Charlie Sheen's character's girlfriend (get that?) wants a breast reduction because SHE is in pain. His character tries to talk her out of it basically saying they are his too (something about if you fingerprinted her boobs it would be his hands all over them). There is also a little dialog with the plastic surgeon where the character says he is a huge fan of the surgeons work - when be makes women's boobs unbelievably large. Ha?

Okay, I realize the show is a comedy, but I wasn't laughing.

Even though she pleads she is in pain and uncomfortable she ends up NOT GETTING THE SURGERY. Why? The day of as they are waiting he mentions that now her ass will look huge because her boobs will be smaller and she freaks out and cancels the surgery.


Awesome message. Big breasts are awesome and the only way to go. Reductions (even if for medical reasons) are gross, and bad and wrong.

Guess what? People in REAL life think that too and aren't afraid to express it.

Case in point. Neighbor has implants (good for her!). She had them done the same week as I had my reduction. When we were all talking people congratulated her... and asked me why I would ever do it.

Really? So implants are a perfectly normal totally awesome thing to do but another PLASTIC SURGERY meant to MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF is wrong.

Or let me rant about the MTV True Life show about my boobs are too big (or some title like that) too. ALL of the people on it didn't get the reduction because they weren't comfortable. Or there was a british show on about the same issue and again no one got the surgery.

Now I realize it isn't for everyone. Not everyone needs surgery, but some people really are at a point of frustration and are tired of living the way they do. No one should have to live in constant pain and if there is a fix for that why would you deny them?

And my favorite line from someone when discussing my surgery "Maybe you could just go to the gym and build your back muscles and maybe lose a little weight in them. You'd be more comfortable and get more out of it than the instant gratification of surgery." OMG how did she know? My insurance is covering it because apparently I'm a lazy fatass who just needs to lose a few pounds. Or MAYBE now that my breasts are smaller it is EASIER for me to work out at the gym without the skin irritation under my boobs, the stretch marks and the back pain. Who knew?

Okay, I'm heated and frustrated and unhappy about all this. I don't want a party because I chose something to make my life better, but what I would like is a little understanding for people that have not walked in my shoes.

And to my pre, post and still considering reduction girls - there is a LOT of support out there and I'm working on a post listing some blogs, testimonials, etc.

*hugs (without my boobs squishing up against anyone's body and smothering them anymore) and kisses*

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Anonymous said...

I love this post. Love! ((hugs))


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