Rest of Halloween 2009

After the super busy whirlwind morning of travel, Josh and I got home with just enough time for him to shower away his nastiness and me to take a cat nap. 20 minutes of wonderfully restful sleep. Yay!

Then it was time to get my costume on and head over to our friends house to trick or treat. I had gotten a dress and some goodies to go as a flapper but I ditched that idea and went with my costume from two years ago... a ballerina! Last year I went as a cat toy (complete with bells and feather boa - and since I am always the photographer... no pictures of me) while my friend went as a cat. It was cute. I am always cute.

But two years ago we went as "fairies" which were ballerina costumes and... well nothing. But our littlest member was tinkerbell and we went with her.
I am protecting the innocent and possibly embarassed. I am on the right. Lol. I LOVE this costume. We (the adult friend and I) picked these up at a dance outlet store. They sell imperfect costumes and ones people never paid for. I think I paid $10 or $15 for mine. I kind of sort of want to go back and get another one...

Back to this year though.

It was raining. And cold. I decided to put on my ballerina costume, but add an off the shoulderish sweatshirt and leg warmers. Some over applied pink blush, blue eyeliner/eye shadow and a bun on top and voila!

I took up the whole car seat!
But I did NOT take up the whole top of the costume. Although I have no pictures to show the top of the costume was now ROOMY instead of all squished uni-boob like before. LOVE the smaller boobs!!

Here is our little flapper...
She loved handing out candy!
And here is the lovely lady and I. This is the internet. I don't care if you see my face... hers I do.
A fun fact about those toe shoes around my neck... they doubled as a beer/cell phone/camera holder. Seriously. BEST accessory! Again no pictures. *sigh* Talk to Josh.

After trick or treating we took our friends Mikey and Amie (who had come to visit and brought their friend) back to our place to show them the "new" digs eat some dinner.

I made some pizzas and some mutual friends stopped by with their new BABY! Cash was SUPER cute.

Then it was time to head to a halloween party. Apparently only a few people got the memo and dressed up. I was one. Amie decided not to.
Here we are striking a pose.
And here is Kandice and I.
She was a "gold digger." Get it? The gold shovel??
Jason went as... Jason. Lame.

Mikey was eating while we were shot skiing. It was Amie's first time ever. Thumbs up!!
Kandice and I before we left.

So after we left there was a plan to go to gravity hill (the info for the closest one is at the bottom of this link). Then maybe Gettysburg to do some ghost hunting.

No one wanted to do any of the above except Mikey and I (which was just like college. The difference was in college we were still pretty self centered and would just hop in the car and go anyway. Now that we are adults we are more responsible, blah blah blah).

Instead we drove down the main college street and people watched all the slutty girls and drunk people and headed back home to watch a movie.

Sunday we played with Mikey and Amie's dogs Sam and Cooley.
Sam is the little one (yorkie?) and Cooley is the ewoky one (shitzu?).

They had to leave so we went out to Round the Clock Diner for brunch where the waitress was totally Mikey's match. LOVED it. Lol. He didn't even have a comeback to her!!

We saw them off, entertained Josh's family for a couple hours (they stopped by to see the painting progress, tile floor and finished 1/2 bath) and then headed to our friend's house for leftovers.

After dinner they showed us the chicken hat costume they got for their cat Sidney.
Here are the boys putting it on him.
"Seriously get this thing off me and quit taking pictures or I'll jump you and slash the camera."
"Come on. Please? This is embarrassing?"

Yes I added my own commentary. He was a good sport though!

And thus ends my Halloween extravaganza.

It made me tired just typing it all.

*hugs and kisses*

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