Weird medical news

I should be used to it right? Bleh.

This is the SUPER condensed version.

Last Wed, first appointment at new chiro.

He takes some x-rays, then comes in all concerned about the DETAILS of my fundoplication surgery. I tell him, he shows me my x-rays and there is something... abnormal on them.

I already had an appointment with SK on Monday (today) to discuss my flying anxiety so I decided to wait.

Pick up the x-rays at chiro office and head to SK.

She thinks things don't look right either.

Oh and I am SO thankful for the iphone in light of my 45 minute wait to see SK. That story involves an older patient who was having an allergic reaction, but waited all weekend just to go to the doctor office where she proceeded to go into cardiac arrest. AWESOME.

She sends me for MORE x-rays.

Do those.

Results - large hiatal hernia.

Um? BEFORE surgery I had a VERY SMALL almost non-existent hernia. Now it's the size of my fist when it the VERY SMALL hernia was fixed in Feb.

BUT, the radiologist would like to take a look at the original films that I picked up at the chiro's office early this morning. Chiro is old school films, radiologist is all on the computer.

So now tomorrow I have to get up early AGAIN and meet with the radiologist for him to look at the original films.

I have not gotten to sleep in since... last Monday?? OMG, I HATE mornings and this lack of sleeping in is ruining my LIFE.

Not quite, but almost.

Here is the image in question. It's the big perfectly ROUND thing in the middle of my chest.

My theories were:
1. Alien baby (I started watching V) - if this was the case I would make millions which would be awesome. SK even wants to be in a photo if this turns out to be the case. Lol.
2. Worm colony - there was this House episode where this porn star had worms. I ate a worm when I was little. I figured it just had dormant babies.
3. Third boob - since I had the reduction my breasts were angry and were creating a third interior boob to make up for lost tissue.

It looks like it's none of those, but the final diagnosis isn't confirmed yet!

Oh, and I got some Ativan for my flying anxiety.

*hugs and kisses*


Jeana said...

That is so weird. Hope everything is okay!

Amy H. said...

A better worm colony option would be this episode of Futurama -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parasites_Lost

I would love me to have some worms that heal me, make me strong, and make me smart.


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