A Christmas in (almost) July Bacon Weave Roll

For Christmas this past year Josh got an extra special present... Bacon Weave Roll! He had sent the link about this creation to myself, my mom... Apparently it looked super cool and he does love bacon.

So my mom got the stuff when we were at their house celebrating the holidays.

We changed it up a little, but here is the picture montage of how to achieve bacon weave roll yumminess.
Those are my mom's hands you see rolling. Someone had to document this!!
And this is Josh enjoying his roll.

This post is dedicated to my financial networking group. :-)

*hugs and kisses*

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The Tiny Homestead said...

oh my, that's a lot of bacon and cheese! Is that considered an appetizer? Or is it the main course? Do you serve salad and veggies with it to balance out the grease?


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