crumpler 5 million dollar home

*squee* my newest present to Nik arrived. UPS finally made it to my house and I'm so excited!

Right after I found out my birthday present was going to be a camera I looked at Josh and asked "what am I going to put it in?"

My point and shoot Canon goes everywhere with me, so it just gets its own happy little pocket in my purse and I'm off. Nik on the other hand is a little larger and needs a little more room to spread out and a tad more protection.

So I first started looking before the new addition to the picture taking family arrived. I found lots of black. Lots of boring. Lots of price points. Ugh. I asked around and of course everyone had their favorites and none of them were exactly what I was looking for. Initially I wanted a sling type or a backpack, but I just wasn't happy about any of them. I kept coming back to these crazily named bags. 2 million dollar home, 4 million dollar home, 5, 6, 7, brazillion dollar home. Lol. They had bright fun colors and interesting designs.

Price tag though. Um. Ouch. After looking at all the different priced homes I decided that I needed either a 5 or 6 million dollar home to be happy. I did my research, figured that I could always upgrade and bit the bullet ending up with a brown and orange 5 million dollar home.

Now, this is just the initial "I GOT MY NEW TOY AND TOOK PICTURES OF IT" post. I haven't used it yet and will have to do a follow up post with that.

First impression. I thought it must have been super packed with paper since it stands up all by itself.

Maybe seems almost a little bulky with all that "packing" stuff in it.

I like the handle on top to pick it up by.

Hmmm. Okay. No "paper" or other packing material. That is how sturdy and thick the walls of the bag are. Interesting. I am hoping this will just provide excellent protection.

The tag.

Those two big black triangle things are super velcro. No lie. They are strong and LOUD. No opening this in a quiet room. That is one of the complaints about the bag. Since I want it for sporting events I don't think this should be a problem.

Little front pocket to stash extra goodies. This has a velcro closing and inside there is a velcro closing for the mesh. I like the lack of zippers in this small space.

So both of those dividers can be moved/removed/etc. The entired inside of the bag is "loop" so the possibilities are yours to choose.

The top flap also has some extra internal storage.

So crazy me was super curious about these little "loops" on the sides. No where did it mention if they were real loops or just decoration. I am pleased to find they are real loops. I can clip my keys to this OR use a carabiner to clip my water bottle, umbrella, etc. Yes it may look dorky with all that dangling, but it's nice to not have to dig for those items in a tote or have to gather them up to move. We'll see how much I use this feature like this.

I did break out the point and shoot to get a picture of Nik in her new home. Thank goodness it didn't really cost 5 million dollars.

Real test for this bag will be on Saturday and I'll let you all know how it works out.

*hugs and kisses*

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