It just goes by too fast.

Let's do a little recap of life recently.

So there was the Race Ave Crit two weeks ago. [June 6]

Then my Internet BFF had a birthday!! Happy WAY belated birthday Rachel!! Although, I DID tell you happy birthday much earlier than this. :-P [June 7]

Then it was a week of busy. [June 8-12]

One night we had friends over and cooking this salmon on the grill YUM. [June 12]

On Saturday we went to get out rings cleaned (ooooohhhh, SO sparkly) and I got a little present.
It's the super pretty orange number. Josh said it can be my early anniversary gift. That will be July 1. It will be three whole years!! Thanks Murphy Jewelers and Pandora. Oh and Josh.

After that little side adventure, we went to see his youngest sister in a gymnastics show. This is her first year and she did fantastic!!
This was her waiting to get on with the show.

We then had dinner with Josh's parents and his littlest sister (pictured above). After some more conversation and fun, we headed home. [June 13]

Meme's birthday was on Sunday. We didn't see her, but I called her. She was born in 1928 and I was born in 1982. If you add my age until you get a single digit (2+7=9) and add her age also to a single digit (8+1=9) they always equal the same single digit. It's always been like that. I can't even tell you when I figured that out, but it's always been our "thing."

Another family "thing..." My grandmother was born on flag day, my mom on columbus day... me? Memorial day. We are patriotic ladies I tell you.

I hate that she is sick and dying. Hate it with every fiber of my being. [June 14]

Another busy in general week. [June 15-19]

Headed to my parents to celebrate Josh's birthday early and Father's Day. I'll post some pictures of that later if I get to it. [June 19-20]

So it's Saturday June 20th. Getting ready for bed as tomorrow is the Cargas crit that Josh is racing in.

If I don't hop on tomorrow... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!

*hugs and kisses*

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