More about boobs.

I've had a few people recently mention to me that they probably would never have a reduction because of the scars. Hmmmm... scars. I have a few of those.

Let's see. There is one on my head from where they removed a lesion that was suspicious.

I have one on my belly from chicken pox. Another belly scar involving a failed belly button piercing.

The one on my knee was from a drunken escapade in college (that was a fun story). Oh, and there is the dark spot on my knee where a piece of pencil was broken off.

Hmmmm... I have some scars on my arms (one from Josh's shoe rack thing in college that totally jumped out and attacked me I swear!) and several on my hands.

My ankles are the worst. I had NO coordination learning to shave and several times sliced my skin off like I was trying to peel a potato.

The husband also has a lot of scars. One on his nose, one on his forehead, one on his inner thigh (from a plastic GI Joe he melted - dumbass). His biggie is when he shattered his collar bone and ended up with a titanium plate in his shoulder. Fun stuff!!

Oh, and most recently I acquired a whopping 5 scars on my stomach from my fundoplication. Here is a picture of these scars.

Lovely huh? They were SO worth it. This post had some post op pictures from 2 weeks after surgery. I was uncomfortable and in pain. Neither things good for my body or self esteem. The scars are nothing compared to how good I feel. But some people say "well you had to do that, reduction scars are not NEEDED."

Reduction scars huh? Guess what? I'm 2.5 months out from surgery. Things are healing. I have full nipple sensation, not too much nerve reconnection tingling anymore and things are looking good. Are there scars? Yep. Big, red, kind of gross if you really look at them.

You know what else was really gross and isn't anymore? The nasty stretch marks, the elongated breasts... ew. Guess what? Those things are gone.

When I look in a mirror now the first thing I see are my super perky breasts, my smaller nipples that have sensation now (they didn't really before), how much more petite I look, my great breast shape... and then, oh yeah, the scars. Honestly. They are the last thing on my mind, and the last thing I see. I am more comfortable in clothes. I can exercise now with no pain (well at least no pain caused by too large of boobs). I look better and I feel fantastic!!

Josh has been nothing but supportive. Scars huh? He doesn't mention them. He just talks about how perky and nice looking they are and he's right.

Most people would take on scars for health reasons. Well, my mental health, as well as my physical health has improved drastically. Aren't those health reasons??

So I plead with ladies that hate their bodies, but are not willing to go under the knife because of some scars. We all have scars. Some are more worth it than others. Reduction scars of one of those really worth it ones.

Want to see my very under boob scar? Click here. Yep, that's it. And I had to move my bra to show this.

Okay, end rant. Thanks for listening.

*hugs and kisses*

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