They just keep shrinking...

All across america women are getting smaller "real" boobs while others are getting larger "fake" ones. I'm more interested in the smaller "real" boobs.

Today ANOTHER friend is under the knife getting herself all fixed up. I've tried to be helpful in my totally vain and self-centered way. Apparently I did something right since I did get a shout out on her blog. I know she is doing the right thing for her and I'm glad I was able to help out. I can't wait to here ANOTHER person raving about their "new life."

A breast reduction is a very life changing experience. I realize big boobs are cool, and all that. Heck, if I was teeny tiny in the boob region I would probably have been getting an augmentation. BUT, big REAL boobs are totally a burden. Trust me. And the other girl who already had the reduction, the one in the hospital today and then one getting it done soon. AND the millions of other ladies who have done this as well. I can't keep track of ALL reductions! :-P

Get better quickly Angelica so I can keep my record of girls recovering quick and like rockstars!!

*hugs and kisses*

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