The first large snowstorm of 2010

The storm started late on the 5th of February. Continued into late on the 6th.
This is our back yard. Zuki is the second car from the right.
Snow up to my "snow" window clings!
What happened when we opened the front door! The stoop is like 6 inches below this.
I just think the solid snow pack looks neat.
There is a subaru car under there!
The view from the garage.
Back of our neighbor's house. You can see the drifting from the wind. Yikes!
Josh being silly.
What a great husband shoveling (even though we PAY someone to do that).
I brought him beer to go with his shovel. It made it more enjoyable for him!
It's like a winter wonderland.
If you have an AWD car it's like MANDATORY to drive in the snow.
Until you get stuck like we did here. It's okay, we are experienced and got it out.
(Although we were passed by two plow trucks and then OMG a police car and I was afraid he would stop and yell at us. Dude didn't even stop to HELP us. Whatever.)
It looks so funny with all the SNOW in our yards.

Thankfully we enjoy driving in the snow and made a trip out on Saturday night and found frozen bread. Although I totally wussed out on trying it - a big thanks to my awesome cooking blog friend Uncanny and her bread making loveliness. I linked her blog in my previous post. I do want to make the bread, but I got scared I would totally screw it up and then have nothing to take to the SUPER BOWL parties we attended. Another thanks to my friend RockThis who gave me the idea for the pizza bites - which I did use.

We did end up at two Super Bowl parties. I had a great time. I tried to have a little alcohol at the first one. It made me sick. One of my friend's sons asked everyone who went to the bathroom if they pooped. It made me laugh until I hurt (which doesn't take tooo much). We also taught him to fist bump. WITH fireworks. SCORE!!

Then we almost got into an accident when Zuki came out of 4 wheel drive. Weeeee... Josh is a good driver though, so almost just means he lost a little traction, but we were fine.

I was really tired at the second one. So we left early. *sigh*

Guess what is happening right now?

MORE SNOW on it's way.

Awesome. I STILL can't sled ride. Boo.

Oh well.

*hugs and kisses*

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