HOW did we get to the short month

already?? What happened to January? Anyone know?

I seriously can not believe it's February already. Where did the time go? The only things I have accomplished are some reading, lots of couch potatoing, some MOUSE potatoing (I'll explain that in a minute) and recovering. Oh, and you know the whole surgery thing.

About that mouse potatoing. I read my Nora Ephron book that Nina and Greg got me.
Apparently it is a term that describes people that instead of wasting their time on the couch watching tv (couch potato) they sit around and waste time on the computer. THIS my friends is a mouse potato. And guess what? I TOTALLY fit that term. *shrugs*

I also managed to read
These two I just purchased and should be here before the weekend.
Apparently Joe Hill is Stephen King's son's pen name. Who knew??
And finally this is my current book.
I'm about 4 pages in. Lol. I couldn't sleep last night and was up until 5AM. I started reading this book today and totally fell asleep. The book was fine, I was just exhausted.

How am I keeping track of all my reading now? I belong to a site called goodreads. It helps me keep track of what I'm reading, what my friends are reading and has been super helpful so I don't forgot what I WANTED to read too!!

And no, I'm not just reading. I've also managed to catch up on The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. I've also started watching Mad Men and 30 Rock.

How have I missed all these amazing shows??

Oh, and I watched two Star Wars movies. *gasp*

Stubborn no more! Or at least on that.

*hugs and kisses*

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Angel said...

Sorry to hear you couldn't sleep. I'm on goodreads, too and I love it!

I've never heard the term, but I'm a total mouse potato, too. I LOVE the Big Bang Theory. We don't have cable though, so I have to settle for online episodes. Boo.


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