Time for a three week update.

Three weeks already? Who I am kidding? This feels like the LONGEST three weeks EVER.

The difference between last week and this week are crazy though. This time last week I was a blubbering, crying, inconsolable mess. This week. Eh. I would say I am about 70% back to my normal. Give or take a couple percents.

Physically things hurt less. I'm still having some breathing issues, I have a little trouble occasionally when I eat (it seems I can't swallow food, which feels stuck, which makes me feel like my chest is ripping apart, which makes me panic, which makes me feel like I'm dying), and my shoulders and ribcage are still tender.

Mentally I am processing everything better. I am not so forlorn and lost. Things are starting to look up.

Emotionally I have stopped crying every day. I have it down to like once every 2-3 days.

I think that last 30% is going to take a while. I wish it wouldn't, but it's just a feeling I have. Which is not cool because I KNOW that healing is mind over matter and my mind is just not into it.


Oh, and did you know that we are having SNOW?!?! Yes it is SNOWING. I have to capitalize SNOW because everyone is all worked up about the SNOW. Lololol.

I took this photo at 4:30ish. It had just started.

There is supposedly 22 total inches on the way for here. Maybe? Who knows.

I couldn't get a picture of the snow tonight because it was too dark out. So I took this photo of ME at 9PM.
I love Oscar. And my Halloween skull PJ pants. Oh baby!

And I haven't mentioned the upcoming Super Bowl yet because so much ELSE is going on. So about that Super Bowl. With those teams playing. Who I have NO idea who they are. Yeah...

People wigging out have ruined my Super Bowl food making plans. I wanted to make pizza roll. I need frozen bread. THE GROCERY STORE WAS OUT OF FROZEN BREAD. Seriously?? I HATE being that person at the store, but I was so annoyed. So I might be making pizza bites instead. Or I may use my friend's pizza dough recipe found HERE. She has an awesome cooking blog.

We aren't hosting this year and have two parties to attend. I'm kind of excited as long as snow doesn't freak too many people out.

So that is my three week wrap up.

Maybe I will get out tomorrow and take some SNOW pictures.

I haven't used my camera in almost a MONTH. BOOOOOOO.

*hugs and kisses*

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