Let's talk about boobs (and then some)

Well, not just any boobs. Specifically mine.

Let's start a little history on them shall we?

I hit puberty somewhat young. I wasn't the first girl in my class, but I was near the front of the pack (which normally doesn't happen because I'm not competitive and I'm slow - lol). Immediately I grew boobs. Like seriously overnight. I went from like nipples to a B cup. Now, with playboy and all those other magazines, a B isn't all that big, but I was a LITTLE girl. I was like 11ish!! I was right over 5'2" (I'm only almost 5'3" now) and at the time SKINNY.

So here I am this skinny short little thing with totally disproportionate boobs. I had NO hips, NO butt, nothing to kind of even out my body.

Boys stared and talked about me. I was friends with most of them, so unfortunately they said it to my face. I would turn bright red and just join in. What was I going to do?

Then I got acne. Yep, puberty rocks (ugh). I was almost 13 at the time. I was told by several boys that I had a "bangin' body if they could just put a bag over my face." Seriously. So unfortunately my boobs became my identity. I wasn't pretty apparently, but I had boobs so that made me okay. I also had an "awesome personality" (direct quote a lot) and I was so funny and the guys liked hanging out with me because I was "one of them." Boo.

During all this the girls started hating me. Not all of them, but a lot of them. I had what they didn't and preteen/teen girls are vicious. Even the older girls were mean to me because of them. I had this whole personal struggle with showing them off vs. hiding them. The thing that SUCKED was that I was comfortable with my body. I wasn't embarrassed by it, I ran around naked at home and tanned naked in my pool yard often, but people made me feel like it was my fault. Like I had done something wrong.

By graduation of high school I was a C cup and just around 100lbs. My acne had cleared up 2 years prior. I was pretty. I was skinny, I had boobs that looked huge due to my weight, I have a cute face and I'm super outgoing/bubbly/happy.

College took the skinny right out of me though. I didn't look bad though, just proportionate sort of. Unfortunately my boobs kept growing just a little at a time. 15lb weight gain = 1/2 cup size more. 10 lb weight loss = no boob loss. This continued on for the past 9 years. So that not too bad C cup ended up a ridiculous E cup (give or take depending on bra) and currently 43 1/2 inches around that part of my body.

I just recently lost 21 lbs since Feb 13th (if you've been following this blog you know why). I've lost my butt completely (well almost completely) and about 3-4 inches at my hips. My waist is down 3 inches. I have not lost even 1/4 inch at my bust line. Seriously?? 20 lbs!! Come on. For the love of all things good and holy, SHRINK! No dice. No shrinkage. Nothing.

Now, I had already made the decision to get a reduction before this 20 lb weight loss, but that just solidified my decision (and also proved to my plastic surgeon that I wasn't crazy and they don't shrink).

So there is a boob history. What is going on now?

Fall 2008 after seeing a chiropractor for 2 years for back pain, putting salve on my skin breaks (yes, my skin literally tore when I wouldn't wear a really good supportive bra and sports bra while working out), and generally being miserable, I asked SK for a good referral to a plastic surgeon. She sent me off to Dr. Born in York as he does a lot of reconstruction and reductions vs. augmentations.

The order I went about getting a breast reduction.

1. Talk to Josh. This is a HUGE decision. Yes, it is my decision, but I needed the support of my husband to know I could do this. I am aware this could be painful, that I may need help for a little bit afterwards, that I may just need someone to support me when I whine/cry. This wasn't really much of a discussion. I asked what he would thought about getting it done and he said if I was sure it was what I wanted, then he would support me. Go awesome husband!!

2. Make that first appointment. Mine was for December 1, 2008. That was a month after I made the appointment. Ugh. I hate waiting. In the meantime I did a LOT of research. Two websites that I found very helpful were Breast Reduction 4 You and Make Me Heal. I learned about the multiple types of of incisions, what all is done to the breast, what is healing like, pictures of before and after. I also googled images to see potential issues, scarring, etc.

3. Make a list of questions to ask the surgeon.

4. Forget to bring list to appointment.

5. At first appointment I had to watch a video on breast reductions. It was about 10 minutes and went over the different types, problems post surgery, why women have it done, etc. It was informative, but not a lot of new information that I hadn't already researched myself. I then met Dr. Born. He was really nice and professional. We went over some concerns Josh and I both had. Specifically that I would be having another surgery.

I asked questions like

Q: What is the average recovery time? A: 4-6 months until all the swelling is down and they are their "final" size, but 2-4 weeks until I can resume normal activities.
Q: What type of incision will be performed? A: A lollipop incision will be used for my surgery. This involves less scars, and a faster healing time. I am still young and "small" enough to be able to perform this.
Q: How do I take care of these incisions after surgery? A: Damp gauze only. No creams or ointments. No need for a compression bra, just a white cotton front hook bra. A compression bra will only reduce swelling by a month or so, and causes a LOT of incision problems.
Q: Am I a good candidate? Does he expect me to recover well after this? A: I am young and my breasts are not too large or disfigured. My left is slightly larger, so he will try to even these out. Although I have some skin thinness, it is mainly in the top of my breast (where the rips are) and that the lower skin (where the incisions will be) looks very good.

I was topless during this Q&A. I had to take off my shirt and bra and I was measured and photographed during all this. He showed my what he would be doing, where my approximate new nipple placement would be, where the incisions would be, etc.

We also discussed my back issues, he documented the dents in my shoulders and also the redness/irritation under my breasts. He told me I would hear from insurance/him in 4-8 weeks.

He also sent me the letter he sent to insurance. It was a detailed two page letter with all my stats in it.

About 4+ weeks after the appointment I got a phone call from Dr. Born's office. I was approved by insurance 100%!! The lady told me that and then was like "when would you like to schedule the surgery?" My response "ummm, can you give me a minute, you just gave me some life changing news." She laughed and said sure. We worked out a time that would not hinder my recovery from my other surgery and set a date. April 10th!! Good Friday!!

We also scheduled a follow up appointment for me at Dr. Born's office to sign all the presurgery paperwork and answer any other questions I had. That appointment was Monday March 16th.

Again, he asked if I had any questions (not too many) and gave me some more information.

I will be in the hospital for a 23 hour stay again. The drains will be removed the morning after surgery before I leaved (while I am well drugged up still I hope!). I can shower as soon as I get home and it's better if I try to stay somewhat active. No lifting, running, falling, etc. But walking around, and well, walking around will be good for me and help me heal quicker. I was given a painkiller prescription and told to call him ANYTIME 24 hours a day if I felt anything was not right. The stitches may take up to a YEAR to heal, but I won't really notice them unless I run my fingers along the incision line. Wear comfortable bras that don't have tight bands for a while, and basically enjoy my new body!

So, now, surgery is one week and one day away. I'm actually really really excited and not at all worried. I know there will be pain, but in the end this should be totally worth it.

I'll keep everyone posted and if I think of anything else (or anyone asks more questions) I'll add them to another post.

*hugs and kisses*


Rachel said...

I'm excited for you and hope that this reduction improves your quality of life! xoxo

Angel said...

Hey...it's me from the *social networking board*. You sent me a message, and I checked out your blog.

Your story sounds SO much like mine!
My appt with my plastic surgeon is on April 27th. I'm excited, but so scared!

Good luck, and I'll be thinking about you, anxiously awaiting the news of your surgery!


Cascia said...

I just wanted to say "Good Luck"! I'm a lurker on the Nest MM board and decided to check out your blog. I had a breast reduction almost 9 years ago (I was 20 at the time)...and it was seriously the best thing I've ever done. I wish I would've done it sooner!!!
Take care of yourself afterward, the recovery period took longer than I expected, but looking back I probably tried to do too much too soon. I have absolutely no regrets though, and am amazed that my scars are almost non-existant now. That was the other thing that surprised/scared me a little, the scars, I knew I would have them, but when you see them on YOUR body for the first time it's a bit unnerving.
Anyway, best of luck to you and enjoy your "new" life!


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