Day SIX post op. Concert review, etc.

So last night was the big event.  I went to a concert!!  

Josh didn't want to get the tickets because he was SURE I wouldn't be able to go.  Silly Josh, I'm always right.  Lol.

So we went to dinner first at Parma which is a "pizza" place near the college.  I use that term loosely because they have fantastic sandwiches, subs, salads and yes tons of specialty pizza's.  When I went to York this location was an ever revolving door of pizza joints, but Parma has done a fantastic job of keeping things moving and just recently opened a second location!

I got my favorite little item which is the pepperoni stick.  It is exactly how it sounds and oh so yummy.  Josh got a buffalo chicken salad that was HUGE!  It had green olives, sweet peppers, pickles, lettuce, tomato and a TON of buffalo chicken.   I aspire to be more like this blog, but alas it is a foodie's blog who eats rather fantastic food often and isn't such a goober that inhales food as soon as it is in front of them (me and Josh).  Someday.  

After we chowed down, we walked over to the YCP gym for the concert.  One of Josh's friends/coworkers was already there and said the line wasn't bad.  We were supposed to find the assistant director of student activities so she could take us upstairs to the "VIP" area.  This is also called the "person who just had surgery and couldn't get bumped" area.  Whatever.

Luckily she was there when we got in line to be searched (girls on right, guys on left), wanded, and ticket checked.  Our person took us up to the walking track above the concert area.

You can see the track here and below is the field house.  The below is where the concert was.

This is the railing of the track and looking down and the crowd forming.

Just the crowd below.

Josh checking out the crowd.

No cameras, were allowed, but I did snap some pictures with my camera phone. Oops.

The opening act was a group called Parachute.  Nope, I had never heard of them before, but they were good.

Yeah I KNOW you can't really see anything, but there are 5 guys there.  Check out their website above to get a better idea.  (Sorry Parachute!!)

We were the only ones up on the upper track for a while and it was GREAT people watching.  We saw several fights, people getting thrown out, looking down girls shirts (seriously, I'm embarrassed that I probably looked like some of them!!).  WHY do people come to concerts drunk and trying to start fights?  Like, you can go to a bar, get in for free and do that!  You have to PAY to get into a concert.  

Well after Parachute a couple ended up in the "VIP" section with us.  She was pregnant and apparently had gotten jostled in the lower section.  Poor thing.

THEN OAR came out.  The crowd was so excited!

Even a couple members from the opening act came up and watched from where we were (no I didn't take pictures of them.  I'm not that intrusive - well really I am not a good sneaky photographer.  whatever.).

The concert was amazing!  I love OAR.  They played old stuff, new stuff, and then Crazy Game of Poker!!  OMG I *pph* that song like whoa!!  It was such an awesomely good concert that words don't convey how much fun I had.

Today has been eventful so far as well.

I had my follow up.  All is well.  Come back in 2 weeks.  Lol.  Seriously.

I am having a few of my underskin dissolvable stitches surface.  They will clip and remove them at my next appointment.  No biggie.

We also found out our friend Blake (who moved to CO and was supposed to be staying with us Friday - ie tomorrow - through next Wednesday or Thursday) was coming today.  No big deal.  We are easily prepared.

So I wanted to do a couple before and after pictures quick just so you can see my progress.

So before (top) and after (bottom) looking down.  Ladies with large boobs will appreciate this.  THIS is what I saw every day.  I love the gap between my boobs now.  It's so nice!!

Again.  Before (left) and after (right).  No I did not get taller per say, but I stand so much straighter!  I am 5'3".  I weighed 166.8 in the before picture and 163.8 in the after. 
They are almost a week apart (Wed for the first one and then the following Thurs for the second).
I carry my weight well for a shortie.  Also, no butt lift I promise, just good old fashioned posture!!

So all is well in boobville.  I am feeling great and I think I look great too!  I'm still willing to answer any questions at mrsmjane@gmail.com

I'll be a little busy the next week with our house guest, but I'll try to pop on and say hi!

And a parting shot of THE BEST husband in the world.  I could NOT have done all this without him.  I love you Josh!  

*hugs and kisses*


Angel said...

You look fantastic...much better than most girls after six days. Congrats on the fantastic concert!

Emily said...

congrats! (and i agree - I'm 10 lbs more and 3 inches taller and you're WAY thinner than me!)


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