Day FIVE post op

Okay, I love my new boobs.  Honestly, this recovery is all but a total breeze and although things are still all frankenboobish (thanks Cindy - lol) - I LOVE the results.  They are so perky and nice looking (well with clothes on - haha).  I love that when I take my bra off I don't feel that pull on my skin that I had before.

They sit up higher and they maintain that now without industrial cranes.  Awesome!  I was able to walk around for 30 mins and not have ANY back pain.  It is a combination of their new size, their new shape and where they are on my body.  

Let me do some quick updating.  Monday I took the scopolamine patch off and by yesterday my vision was back to normal.  That was seriously the craziest thing that I was totally NOT expecting.

Also, my uvula is still distended, but getting better.  The tube must have really irritated me this time.  I had to gargle salt water a couple times yesterday and then *gag* had to pull some gross white goo off of it.  I think It was actually a *ugh* scab, but I was so grossed out I didn't really examine it.  I TOLD people this blog was TMI.  I wasn't joking.  Sorry.

Other than those two minor issues, things are going fantastic.  Monday night we relaxed for the night.  Yesterday I was home alone for the first time.  I had occasional sharp pains, but nothing I couldn't handle.  I even managed to shower all by myself (note: I showered alone on Monday, but Josh was RIGHT outside ready to hand me stuff and help)!  WITH some leg shaving (Monday I had only done my armpits)!  Ooooo (note: I only maybe got like 70% of my leg shaved as I am still a LITTLE limited in my movements - but it was the attempt to do it that counts right??)

After my adventures in alone showerdom, two girlfriends came over with dinner!  Yum!  Neither of their sandwich's were right, but mine was.  :-P  Sorry girls.  We then sat and talked for a while.  Our friend Henk (lol) stopped by for a few, Josh finally came home, and Kandice's significant other came over to work on a bike.  We had a full house on a random Tuesday night!

I think people were slightly impressed with how much I was moving around and looking fine.  I know I've been surprised considering I'd heard a LOT to the contrary.  I thought I'd be couchbound for a LEAST a week if not two.  Don't get me wrong.  I am on the couch a lot, but only because I'm not supposed to lift anything, I can't drive and it's raining outside.  Otherwise I'd probably be out walking or SOMETHING.

Actually, there is a CONCERT tonight I have been so excited to go to!  Josh didn't want to get tickets because he figured I wouldn't be able to go.  I am so glad I convinced him otherwise!!  I can't wait to go see OAR tonight!!  We will be sitting up with the press and photographers since I can't really get jostled too much, but it's totally worth it.  I can't WAIT to get out of the house.  

Thanks for all the well wishes!!  I won't be able to post pictures of the concert tonight (no cameras allowed - boo), but I'll let you know how it went.  

*hugs and kisses*

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