All about a Breast Reduction

So Thursday I got the phone call for what time I had to be at the hospital on Friday. (9:30AM arrival and 11:30AM surgery).

Thursday night I took some "before pictures"  Here is from the front.

And here is from the side.  Yes I know they don't look all that big to most people, but that bra is a 38DDD.  The band never rested on my ribcage because it was too big, but I couldn't find anything larger than a 36DDD and that was too small... soo... yeah.

I do have some braless, but you'll have to specifically ask me for those.  You can email me at mrsmjane@gmail.com.  If you do email me please give me your name, and how I "know" you, because I'm not just randomly sending those out!!

My mom came down Thursday night as well.  We took a few pictures before leaving the house Friday morning. 

 This is me updating my internet friends and talking to Meme on the phone.  Hi internet friends!!

How cute and happy I look before surgery.  :-P
Here is a picture of Mom and I before leaving for the hospital:

Yes I know it looks like she is cupping my boob.  She kind of was.  Lol.
  We had to cut each others hair before leaving.  It's some old wives tale for Good Friday.  So we did it.

These were all the in the car shots on the way to the hospital.  Fun stuff!!

When we got to the hospital, we went up to the short procedure unit and they had a private room for me.  I've explained this before, but I'll go over it again.  You stay in this preop room until the very start of your surgery so you can hang out with whomever brought you (in my case it was my mom and Josh).  It makes the waiting go by much quicker.

So while in my room I had to get naked, pee in a cup (to make sure I wasn't pregnant - I'm not), and answer TONS of questions.  This is also when I got my IV put in.  The girl THIS time got it first try, no problems, unlike my last surgery IV, but I digress.  

Josh and I posing in the first one and giving a thumbs up for the IV in the second one.

Mom and Josh made me put on my surgical cap so they could laugh at me.  I thought I looked super cute anyways.

Dr. Born then came in and marked me all up.  It was kind of weird, but I'm not too modest so I
 was fine. I also have pictures from this.  See instructions above on how to view these. He then took a picture of me for reference.  Three minutes later he was back, he accidentally deleted the pictures, so he needed new ones.  Oops.  Before I knew it the anesthesiologist nurse came in, gave me the drugs and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery.  

This was taken when I got back from the recovery room.  I was sleeping again. The ladies in the recovery room laughed at me because I wake up SUPER quickly and I'm always super perky, talkative and funny.  They said they'd rather have someone like me then the people that wake up all grumpy.  Not this girl though!!

Here are the drains that I had in.  Ugh.

Here is mom helping me walk around that night.  The doctor said I would heal quicker if I move around, so I went moving around.  I would also like to count the 4 bazillion bathroom trips I took.

Yum.  Breakfast.  I didn't each much dinner the night before, so I was kind of hungry.  I only ate the one slice of toast, some eggs and the milk.  I gave my mom the coffee, OJ and we dumped the cream of wheat.  Ewwww.
After breakfast I did a little computering.  It was fun, but didn't last long.  I wasn't in pain really, just REALLY tired and sleepy.  I still kind of am though.

Right there I am pointing our the patch behind my ear.  It helped with the nausea and I can leave it on three days.  Apparently people can get sick from this surgery... and since my last surgery I am physically unable to throw up.  So I really really needed this.

Just a little more computering.  Lol.

The MUCH smaller boobs all packed into an ace bandage.  You can also see the icky drains.

Just a few more random pictures of me.

So Josh had called me Friday night (he ran home while my mom stayed with me) and found a PRESENT for me!!  He brought it in today so I could open it.  The little cute card is above (FYI I *pph* my internet best friend Rachel).  And what was in the package??  

The Duggar book!  Not everyone will get how funny this is, but I do.  THANKS Rachel!!
Waiting to get discharged.  I had my ice packs on under my zip up hoodie.  It held them well.

In the car on the ride home!

Finally home!  It felt sooo good to be out of the hospital!!

So since yesterday I have only taken TWO pain pills.  I had one oxycodone right after I woke up from surgery and one this morning because at some point in the middle of the night I rolled over onto my side/stomach and REALLY irritated the drains.  Ouch.

Other than that I just take 2 tylenol every 4 hours and put on the ice packs occasionally.

I wasn't discharged until the drains were out.  Having the drains out.  Ugh, ouch, ewww.  I'm not going to lie and say it wasn't that bad.  Ha.  It was.  But after that all seemed well.

Josh helped give me a sponge bath and he washed my hair in the kitchen sink.  

So that was the surgery and what we did today.  I'm doing fantastic and I love how little and PERKY they are.  Yeah!  I can't wait to see them when the nipples stop bleeding and I can just look at them and admire them.  I'll try to keep the healing process updated for anyone interested.  

*hugs and kisses* and thanks for ALL the support!!

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