Day THIRTEEN post op

So I've spent the past few days relaxing and airing out the boobs. (This follows up to the seepage issue in the day ELEVEN post.)  I'm definitely feeling as though week two was slightly harder than week one.  Maybe because I over did it in week one, but I'll never know.

I am having a lot more pain (nothing TERRIBLE though), more like that sore boob pain from period/working out etc.  They still look good and feel good 95% of the time though.  My biggest issue right now is SLEEP.

What I wouldn't give to get a full night's sleep.  I'm still taking the Tylenol every 4 hours (I see the Dr. on Monday for another follow up) and if I don't... I feel it.  I also am a TUMMY SLEEPER.  Guess what?  No tummy sleeping post this surgery.  BUT my body kind of rolls that way in my sleep, which wakes me up, then I have to readjust, *sigh*.  It will get better.

In terms of boobage though, things are looking excellent.  

If you look HERE you will see some day THREE post op pictures with a bra on.  

A few differences.  I look skinnier.  I'm not really.  I think the day three pictures still showed me with a slightly protruding belly due to stance and also due to being pumped full of fluids at the hospital.

Also, my boobs look HUGE from the straight on picture.  Two things.  ONE Josh took the first pictures further away.  I took these ones by myself.  TWO taking them by myself means I am at kind of a looking up angle with the camera.

There is also the slight shift in my boobs.  They have dropped a little, rounded out some, and taken on a much more natural shape.  

Either all this or they've grown (because that is what they do).  Lol.

Other than that I love the way they look right now.  Go boobs.

The DOWNSIDE to all this is a wedding in two weekends.  I have this AWESOME Gap dress I bought that I LOVE.  It's huge.  Like falling down way too big in the chest.  I am considering (for the first time EVER) stuffing my bra so it stays up.  No lie.  *sniffles*  I really really love this dress.

Okay, enough about me.  I have three announcements today.

1.  A friend named Whitney is getting a breast reduction on May 5th!! (Yes, this did say May 12th before, but see comment below. :-P )  Apparently, my endless posts about this have given her the fortitude to pursue this idea that she's had for a while.  I'm so happy for her and can't wait to hear all about the results that she will love.

Some information about her surgery that she is letting my share on here:
She is getting this done due to size and "serious tear issues."
Her husband went with her to this consultation and is very happy for her and supportive.
Her surgeon is thinking 1000cc of volume per breast for removal. (she has BIG boobs)
She will most likely be going to a C/D size.
Her surgeon is doing a keyhole incision and will NOT be doing a free nipple graft (the nipple will remain attached).
It will be all outpatient and NO DRAINS (lucky girl!!).

I will keep you updated as she gives me more information and I help support her through this new experience!!

Announcement #2
My friend Rachel is able to drink some alcohol for a little while.  This is the first time in TWO YEARS!!  She is being weaned off some heart meds so they can do some heart studies on her arrhythmia's.  Because of the lack of heart meds she can drink, but only until they start her on new ones.  So to all my readers - let's send some good thoughts Rachel's way while she deals with the ups and downs of this congenital heart defect.

Number 3
Another friend named Rebekah is having open heart surgery next Tuesday.  We all wish her the best of luck and a great recovery.  Our thoughts are with you!!  Our care package is coming!! :-P

So that's all for today.  I'm heading a little mini fundraiser on my financial chat group in honor of some parents that recently passed.  We are donating to the American Stroke Association and to Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.  I may not be working, but I'm keeping busy.  

This weekend will be busy as Josh and his teammates are competing in the Tour de Ephrata (this opens a pdf just so you know) on Saturday and Sunday.  The team he belongs to is Team Cycle Works that heads road, mountain, etc bicycle races.  Check out the site and if you are local, stop by the shop!!

Keep your thoughts good and do nice things for others.  Karma is a wonderful thing.
*hugs and kisses*


carpediemTHIS said...

Update: May 5th now, not the 12th. Changed at around 4:30 yesterday.

jeanarae said...

I think you're looking great. I so want to do this. Slowly working towards the courage and hopefully the means!

jeana&brandon from the nest!


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