Day ELEVEN post op

Where does the time go?  Seriously.  Where?  Because I am desperately finding the hours and minutes slipping by and I'm not sure how I'm even going to get all I need accomplished.

Remember when you were little (or maybe it was just me... I doubt it) and time would go by SO SLOW.  You'd be like "I can't wait until I'm [fill in the blank age here] so I can [fill in something that seemed so COOL right here]."  Bet you don't say THAT anymore.  Okay, unless some of my readers are like 9 years old and then I'm sure you still can't wait until that next big birthday.  MY next big birthday will be the 30 one... and that's only 3 years from this May.  *sigh*  Nothing cool happens after the 21 one.  NOTHING.  Argue if you like, but that's how I feel.  Hrmph.

Back to the post title.  Today is day 11 after my surgery. So far so good!  My last update was day 6 (oops) and I've been pretty busy.  So let's play recap and go over what I've been doing and how it's affected my recovery.

Thursday our house guest came early, so we went to Cobblestone's with some friends for Yuengs and wings.  All good.

Friday was GORGEOUS out.  I went for about a 40 minute walk.  Then hung out with some neighbor peeps.  Got a little gossip, got a little information and met my neighborhood friend's new boyfriend.  

During this walk I was in HEAVEN!!  I had ZERO pain.  I could walk with my back straight.  Heck, my bra's shoulder straps weren't even DOING anything to hold my new boobs up.  It was magical and oh so gratifying.  I could have walked another 40 mins... well except for the strange reconnecting nipple nerve pain that was going on.  Lol.  But all my previous issues were GONE.  

I practically floated around on my walk.  Well maybe not, but it certainly felt like it.

Later that evening we went to an outdoor bar with friends.  It was nice at first, but when the sun went down.  HOLY coldness!! I was sitting there shivering in the following - tank top, 3/4 sleeve shirt, zip up hoodie, jeans and closed toed shoes.

So we are all sitting there, in the outdoor bar, BY THE WATER (creek, whatever) and in walks these three girls.  LMAO, OMG, LOL, ROTFL.  Okay, now all three girls are very attractive, very nice bodies.  But while I sit at our table shivering they are wearing itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, DRESSES.  My favorite though was the girl in this tight strapless number that hit mid thigh - and ZIPPED up the front.  Granted it was fully zipped but... ummm... yeah.

We left shortly after their arrival, came back to our house and watched Yes Man with Jim Carey.  It was a cute movie.

Saturday was gorgeous again and as soon as Josh got home from his Round the River 70some mile ride with the boys, we headed to Sam Lewis Park.  Before getting there we grabbed subs.  Yummmm.  I love subs on a nice day in a park.  Seriously.  

After eating I went on ANOTHER long walk with Josh.  Well it was supposed to be long.  I petered out.  Holy boob pain!  Now I am still taking my Tyenol every 4 hours like a good girl, but there was still a lot of like zapping pain.  Not enough to make me sit down and cry, but enough to make me flinch so much Josh made us cut the walk short.  

Okay, so lesson learned is, just because you aren't in "serious" pain, does not mean you can stop taking it easy.  Apparently my body is still healing or something. :-P  Who knew??

That night we went to hot tub friend's house.  Most people got into the hot tub.  I can not.  We left around 11.  I was starting to get worn out.

Sunday we slept in.  Then putzed around until we headed out for some errands.  All was well until Josh slammed on the brakes for a light.  OMG ouchies.  I didn't tuck the seat belt behind me and not only did it hit me, but it "locked" and I couldn't get it off and I was all teary eyed.  Poor Josh felt awful.  No damage was done, it just hurt really bad for most of the rest of the day.

Dinner was at a friend's and we had snow crab legs *drools*.  They were so yummy!!  Mmmmmmm....  They have a four year old daughter who, I think it would be safe to say, loves Josh and I a lot.  I hadn't seen her recently (surgery, etc) so she was super lovey.  She kept trying to lay on me during a movie and we kept having to remind her to lay on my tummy only.  It was a little painful, but totally worth it to snuggle her!!

So YESTERDAY was Monday.  I noticed Sunday night that I had a little seepage going on under my right boob.  Yesterday I took about 3 hours and just laid around topless (which my plastic surgeon recommended I should do daily - oops).  I also spent 20 minutes topless after I showered (to let everything dry out).  We picked up dinner at Roburrito's (yum) and brought it back.  Our house guest, one of our neighbors and another friend came over.  We watched some cycling and went to bed.

Today the seepage looks MUCH better.  I'm still being super careful and not doing much today.  I've done way too much too quickly and I really need to remember that although there isn't much pain, I STILL had surgery and that my body needs some healing time.  

It's currently sunny, but supposed to rain later.  Boo.

*hugs and kisses*

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