Second follow up and sunburns

This morning I had my second follow up for my boobs.  I am healing amazingly well and fast.  He removed one stitch tail and said if I have anything else pop through to call him.  I don't have another follow up for like 3 more weeks.  I can start sleeping with no bra on, I can start putting cocoa butter on them.  YEAH!!  Things are going smashingly.

So while I'm in the exam room waiting I figure out WHY I was waiting so long to be seen.  Apparently there was a VERY unhappy patient.  I could hear the WHOLE conversation since it was all raised voices.  Her voice because she was upset and Dr. Born's because he was trying to talk over her.  

The story - she had a breast reduction performed by Dr. Born about 6 months ago.  She had gone to another plastic surgeon, but wanted a second opinion so went to Dr. Born.  She says he told her he could make her a B from her D size.  She also says he PROMISED they would always stay this size.  Ummmm... no.  He went over with me (several times in fact) that my breast size and shape will change with the addition (or subtraction) of body weight.  He was actually very concerned for me because of my impending weight loss (this was before my first surgery when I met with him and told him I could lose 10-15 lbs from my fundoplication).

It was only after our second meeting after I'd lost TWENTY lbs, but no boob weight he agreed to fully perform the surgery.  So either this girl is a liar, or something got misunderstood.  I'm going with liar and here is why.

He asked her what made her so unhappy.  She says she wanted to be a B from a D, but she still wears a D... "in certain bras" and she hates that.  He asked her about band size and she was like "I don't look at the f*ing band size, but if I can fit into a D cup, they are too big."  Ladies should understand my frustration, some guys maybe even know, but for those that are confused.

A 34D is about the same cup size as a 36C and a 38B.  Not exactly, but rather close.  So if stupid lady was a 38D before and he reduced her, but she picks up a 34D (even though the band would be super tight), her boobs might just fit into that cup.  See the flawed logic??

Oh, and the best part.  In those 6 months - she admits she put on OVER TWENTY POUNDS.  Ummmm... yeah.   She threatened to sue, to ruin his practice.  *sigh*  He is an EXCELLENT plastic surgeon.  It is stupid people like her that ruin things for everyone else.  Boo.

On the plus side, I also did not get in trouble for my REALLY BAD sunburn I got over the weekend.  No lectures please.  Yes, it hurts, yes, it was dumb, and yes, I'll do it again.  So there.  

I'll do two more posts to talk about the AWESOME bike race this weekend, but for now I'm signing off.

*hugs and kisses*

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