Cheesecake is yummy

Yesterday was a full day, but totally worth it. A friend's son turned one earlier this week and they had a birthday party for him! I took lots of pictures, but I don't want to post them since I don't have the permission from the mom. But let me tell you, he was so cute and sweet. To make sure he still liked me I offered up my yummy snack.
The plus side to this diet is kids love me because I carry around snacks they enjoy too. Lol. Not that he wouldn't have loved me anyways, but bribing never hurt anyone.

After the two hour party I crashed completely. I napped for about 2.5 hours yesterday afternoon. Josh took this time to fix our media PC. I don't know what all he did, but it now works so yeah!

Around 8PM friends called to see if we wanted to go out to a bar called Harp and Fiddle.*

Josh thought I was too worn out, but I'd gotten a second wind so I was ready to go. It was nice to see everyone and get out. I obviously couldn't drink anything but water, but I enjoyed those waters immensely. Lol. I also got kind of hungry so I ended up ordering an Irish Stout Chocolate Toffee Cheesecake. It just looked like a normal cheesecake, but it was really, really good. The doctor said no bread or cake. He said NOTHING about cheesecake. Ha!

Now there was this really interesting girl at the bar last night. Here in York people really don't dress up too much to go out. I had on jeans, black flats and an AE black long sleeve shirt that was not fancy at all. The other girls were similarly dressed.

Not this particular girl though. She had on a beautiful satin strapless LBD with a sweetheart corset top. Her hair was perfectly highlighted with all variations from platinum to black. It was half pulled up with one of those expertly coiffed "bumps" and the rest was soft curls. Her jewelry was to die for her and skin and makeup completely flawless. This is the kind of girl that some girls get girl-crushes on and others really, really hate. I am more of the girl crush kind if they end up being nice.

So I'm in the bathroom and I here someone in the stall next to me. I look over at the shoes (who doesn't right?) and they are the cutest pair of open toe stiletto slingbacks in a really fine leopard print that from far away just looked like a print. When I was washing my hands I realized it was girl crush girl. While I was walking out I had to say SOMETHING to her so I told her she looked really nice and asked why she was all dressed up.

I got a story from her! She's originally from York, but lives in LA now and used to live in Milan. She is a model for Gucci and BeBe and always dresses like this when she goes out. *shrugs* I have no idea what was true, but she did look amazing and she didn't snub little old me, so eh. It definitely made my night more interesting!

We were home around 10:30 because I started to get sleepy again and of course when we got home I was WIDE AWAKE. I finally started to nod off and asked Josh (who of course was zonked out the second his head hit the pillow) to snuggle me. Bad idea since he was in a sleep induced haze. Josh squeezed my stomach. OWWWWW.

Eh well, it was still a good night and day and I am VERY glad to have gotten out.

I bummed around all morning this morning and then Amanda took me out for some Target shopping. I am really feeling good and appreciate everyone helping to keep my spirits up. This is going to be a busy end of week this week. Thursday we are doing dinner with friends, Friday we are doing a home made sushi night with other friends, Saturday we are heading to my parents house for my brother and dad's birthdays and Sunday we'll be on our way back here. And some night before Thursday we'll be trying to get together with other friends. So yeah.

One last updated picture of my belly.

You can see that my band aid less belly still has the outline from cutie Strawberry Shortcake on it. But, everything else looks great.

Have a great little last bit of the weekend!

*hugs and kisses*

* This post was edited because the bar in question that was originally linked has closed down. So I just mentioned the name instead of the link and photo I had before.

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